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Arduin Dominick

Dominick Arduin has disappeared during early March 2004 right after her start when she was attempting a North Pole solo from Arktichewski Cape.

Websites : Transpol'Air / / Wikipedia / / Outside Online / Times Online / Interview with Ilana Halperin (2002) / Multipress Ltd (Finland) / L'Humanité / BBC News / About : Women's History / / Spiegel Online / Sydney Morning Herald / Expeditions News / Ice-Trek Expeditions (Debat) /

- 2004 : second attempt to North Pole via Arktichewski. Start on March 5th from the cape while other expeditions (Saunders, Aller and Vidmar) choose to be dropped 30 km after a quite dangerous compression and open waters zone. Only french traveller Frédéric Chamart Boudet did the same. Two days later, Dominick does not give any sign anymore. Nothwithstanding serious aerial researchs, she will never be located anymore.

- 2003 : first attempt to North Pole via Cape Arktichewski. Depart on March 4th. Falls in the water on March 17th. Evacuated on March 19th with MI8 from Khatanga to hospital in Chamonix ; she looses alle her toes (our coverage).

- 2001 : reaches magnetic North Pole with Jean-Marc Perigaud.

- 2000 : finisihes 1 in Raid Gauloise en Himalaya.

- 1999 : finishes 5 in Eco Challenge in Argentina.

- 1991 : Dominick Arduin chooses to immigrate in Finland and to become finnish citizen : she wants to be closer to the environment she likes the most.

- 1987 : wins the VTT rally Paris-Dakar

- 1985 : a 600 km trek without support between Moscow and St Petersburg

- 1985 : she lives one year in the north of the canadian forest testing the survival techniques with 7 other persons

- 1981 : world champion kayaking

- 1960 : birthday of Dominick Arduin in the french Alps