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  Arctic Expeditions "Live" Printemps 2006
  - Arctic Spring 2007 Season
  - Arctic Spring 2006 Season
  - The North Pole in Winter (Borge Ousland & Mike Horn, Arktichewski - North Pole)
- NOA / North Pole Expedition (Swiss Georges Baumann, Arktichewski - Ward Hunt)
- Mission 1, Top of the World (David de Rothschild and team, Arktichewski - Ward Hunt)
- One World Expedition (Lonnie Dupré and Eric Larsen want to cross Arctic Ocean during summer)
- Ice Warrior (Jim McNeill with clients, on the four poles)
- North Pole Classic Expedition 2006 (Conrad Dickinson & Richard Weber, Ward Hunt - North Pole)
- Arctic Wandering (skipper captain Gary with the "Arctic Wanderer" around Arctic Ocean)

  Arctic Expeditions "Archives"
  - Arctic Spring 2005 Season
  - One World Expedition (Lonnie Dupré and Eric Larsen want to cross Arctic Ocean during summer)
- Bancroft Arnesen Explore Arctic Ocean (big traverse Arktichewski - Ward Hunt)
- The Bering Strait Odyssey (D. Dansercoer & T. Henkels, double crossing of Bering Strait)
- Ni North Pole Expedition 2005 (Five Irishmen, Ward Hunt - North Pole)
- Pole Track 2005 (Marc Cornelissen, Dung Stoup, Petter Nuquist, Ward Hunt - North Pole)
- Ann Daniels 2005 North Pole Solo (Ann Daniels, solo & unspported, Arktichewski - North Pole)
  - Arctic Spring 2004 Season
  - Arktos Expedition (Mike Horn around Arctic Polar Circle, 2002 -> 2004)
- Expedition TransArctique Serco (Ben Saunders, Arktichewski - Ward Hunt)
- Dominick Arduin, solo, from Arktichewski to North Pole
- Nordpolen (Bettina Aller and Jean-Gabriel Leynaud, from Arktichewski to North Pole)
- (Wave Vidmar, solo, attempt Arktichewski - North Pole)
- Objectif Pôle Nord (Frédérique Chamart Boudet, solo, attempt Arktichewski - North Pole)
  - Arctic Spring 2003 Season
  - Omega Foundation Arctic Research Expedition (Pen Hadow / Ward Hunt - North Pole)
- Operation North Pole (Dominik Arduin on the trek Arktichewski - North Pole)
- Arktos Expedition (2nd part of Mike Horn's adventure solo around Arctic polar Circle)
- North-East passage on board of sloop Vagabond (Eric Brossier & team)
- Arktika 2000 (Gilles Elkaim, alone, from North Cape to Bering Strait)
  - Arctic Spring 2002 Season
  - CPII / The Ultimate Arctic Crossing (Hubert & Dansercoer)
- Hitachi Extreme North Expedition (Singapourian Khoo Swee Chiow)
- Arktos Expetidion (Mike Horn around Arctic polar Circle)
- Australians Tim Jarvis & Peter Treseder from Arktichewski to North Pole, unsupported
- Globetag Icetrek (Eric Philips and John Muir from Arktichewski to North Pole, unsupported)
- Mission Banquise (Jean-Louis Etienne drifting from North Pole on board of Polar Observer)
- M&G Investments North Pole Expedition (Ann Daniels and 2 other women from Ward Hunt to NP)
- NP 2002 / Polar Orchid Challenge (Ben Saunders from Arktichewski to North Pole)
- North Pole Solo (third attempt of Dave Mill, unsupported, Ward Hunt - North Pole)
- North-East Passage (1st part of Eric Brossier's voyage)
- The Poles Wearables (couple Sjogren on trek Ward Hunt - North Pole)
- Arktika 2000 (Gilles Elkaim, alone, from North Cape to Bering Strait)
  - Artic Spring 2001 Season
  - Solo Expedition 2001 (Dave Mill on trek Ward Hunt - North Pole)
- Borge Ousland's Transarctic (Arktichewski - Ward Hunt)
- North Pole 2001 (Mike & Fionna Thornewill, Ward Hunt - North Pole)
- Hyoichi Khono (North Pole - South Japan)
- The Polar Orchid Challenge (Ben Saunders, Siberia - North Pole)
- Bettina Aller (second attempt from Siberia -> North Pole)
- The Extreme North (Khoo Swee Chiow on trek Ward Hunt - North Pole)
  - Arctic Spring 2000 Season
  - Arnaud Tortel & Rodolphe André (TransArctic traverse from Arktichewski to Ward Hunt)
- Rune Gjeldnes & Tony. Larsen (TransArctic traverse / Arktichewski - Ward Hunt)
- H. Orn Olafsson & I. Bjarnason (Ward Hunt - North Pole)
- Pole 2 summit (Dave Mill, first attempt Ward Hunt - North Pole)

  Antarctic Expeditions "Live"
  - Austral Summer 2005-2006 Season
  - Mission Antarctique (travel to increase public awareness of climate change on Earth)

  Antarctic Expeditions "Archives"
  Austral Summer 2006-2007 Season
  Austral Summer 2005-2006 Season

- The Longest March (Rune Gjlednes, solo, Queen Maud Land - Terra Nova Bay)
- The Great Antarctic Crossing (R. Larramendi, J. Viu & I. Oficialdegui, crossing of Eastern Antarctica)
- Students on Ice (through polar adventure, young ones learn more about their planet)
- Mission Antarctique (travel to increase public awareness of climate change on Earth)
- Numis Polar Challenge (5 Briton remake of part of R.F. Scott odyssey)
- Trek Hercules Inlet - South Pole by 5 Venezuelian alpinists

  - Austral Summer 2004-2005 Season
  - Kites on Ice (Matty McNair, her 2 children + Dickinson couple on Hercules Inlet - South Pole)
- Polar Challenge 2004 (students of West Nottinghamshire College at the South Pole)
- Ice Maidens (Sandra Floate, Michelle Bloomcamp & Noelene Weigthman (Hercules Inlet - South Pole)
- Scot 100 South Pole Expedition (Craig Mathieson & Fiona Taylor, Hercules Inlet - South Pole)
- Expedition TransAntarctica (D. de Rothschild & companions, Axel Heiberg & Hercules Inlet - South Pole)
  - Austral Summer 2003-2004 Season
  - Breaking the ice (4 Israeli & 4 Palestinians travelling for Peace)
- Solo Together Expedition (F. Thornewill attempts, solo Patriot Hills -> South Pole)
- Solo South Pole Expedition (R. Stancer attempts, solo, Patriot Hills -> South Pole)
- Lupus Antarctica Expedition (Burton, Sommers & Finsaas, Patriot -> South Pole)
- IceAxe Queen Maud land Expedition (Mibecki & Helling climbing peaks)
- The Tetley SP Mission (60 years old S. Murray attempts Patriot Hills -> South Pole)
- SP Expedition 2003-2004 (to increase public awareness of the use of antipersonnel war mines)
- SP Expedition 2003-2004 (commercial expedition by TO NorthWinds)
  - Austral Summer 2002-2003 Season
  - Commercial expeditions of Adventure Network International
- Curewalk (diabetics attempt trek Hercules Inlet -> South Pole)
- Expedition Antarctica 2002-2003 (4 Chilians on the Vinson)
- Kit Kat Ice Kites Expedition (from Patriot Hills to South Pole with buggies)
  - Austral Summer 2001-2002 Season
  - The Poles Wearables Expedition (Tom & Tina Sjogren, Two Poles in One)
  - Austral Summer 2000-2001 Season
  - The Wall in Antarctica (A. Hubert and other alpinists climb Holtanna peak)
- Bancroft - Arnesen Expedition (TransAntarctic)
- Norwegian Antarctic Expedition (TransAntarctic)
- Pole to Pole 2000 (youngones travel from North Pole to South Pole)
- Sasquatch Expedition (round trip Patiot Hills-SP-Patriot Hills, with theme Earth, Air, Fire and Water)
- Challenging Horizons (blindman on trek Patriot Hills -> South Pole)
- Danish South Pole Expedition (Danish people on trek Hercules Inlet -SP)
- The Poles Wearables Expedition (Tom & Tina Sjogren, Two Poles in One)
- Slovenian Solo (Klemenc attempts an Antarctic tarverse, solo)
- Shackleton's Steps (recreate a part of Shackleton' 1915-1916 adventure in South Georgia Island)
  - Austral Summer 1999-2000 Season
  - Reconnaissance Expedition in Queen Maud Land (Alain Hubert)
- Laurence de la Ferrière (French alpinist on the route SP - Dumont d'Urville)
- Antarctica 2000 (Vinson - Patriot Hills go & back by Dixie Dansercoer & Rudy Van Snick)
  - Austral Summer 1997-1998 Season
  - South Through the Pole (TransAntarctica Expedition by Hubert & Dansercoer)

Section Environment

  Polar Arctic Regions
  - The great saga of Arctic

- From origins until 1895, Early Explorations
- 1895 - 1926 : Nansen, Peary Cook and some others
- 1926 - today : Time fro new Explorers Era


- Introduction to the Arctic World
- The Arctic circumplolar People
- The climate of Arctic Regions
- Arctic Fauna and Flora
- Ice Caps drift
- Greenland

  - And also...
  - Sustainable Development & Global Warming
- Fascinating polar Bears
- Aurore borealis & other phenomena
- Short bibliography about Arctic Regions
- A little Geostrategy
  Polar Antarctic Regions
  - The 6th Continent (The Continent and its islands)
  - Brief history of the 6th Continent
- 2% of land without any ice
- The Erath magnetism
- A taste of extra-terrestrial
- Few words about catabatic winds
- Forgotten Islands  
  - The Southern Ocean
  - An ocean unlike any other
- Rivers in the Southern Ocean
- Men have always been fascinated by the Southern Ocean
- Fish living in the Cold
- Krill, a very peculiar Shrimp
- An Ocean simultaneously rich and poor
- Tons if iron in the Southern Ocean
  - The World of Antarctic Ice
  - Introduction
- The Ice Caps - Two Inlandsis
- The thickness of the ice caps
- The matamorphosis of the ice
- The speed of the Glaciers
- Glacial core samples
The Ice oceans
- The ice pack
- Mathematical Models
- When the ice melt...
- Iceshelfs and Icebergs
  - Protecting Antarctica
  - General mobilisation
- Political punch-ups : a more prudent path
- Protection of the environment scores a great victory
- Some of the cases of pollution
- Is the 6th continent under threat today?
- Farewell, whales ?
- Calling the "Antarctic System" into question?
  - A short History of the Antarctic
  - A discovery to be made
- The first Prisoners of the Antarctic
- Dramas, Tragedies and Feats
- A Continent for Science and Adventure
  - Sustainable Development
- Global Warming

Section Galleries
  - Galeries Arctiques
  - North to the Pole 1994
- The Ultimate Arctic Crossing / TransArctique 2002
  - Galeries Antarctiques
  - South through the Pole 1997-98
- Scouting in Queen Maud Land
- Antarctica 2000
- The Wall in Antarctica 2000-2001
- Pole to Pole 2000

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  - Expeditions Maps
- Interactive Maps

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