Arctic Expeditions

  Solo South Pole 2006 : In early November 2006, Hannah McKeand will be taking to the Antarctica Ice to ski the 730 miles to the South Pole, solo and unsupported. Hannah will spend 2 weeks training down on the ice, before flying out to Hercules Inlet and begining the 40 day marathon.
  Erasmus Expedition : Correnè Erasmus-Coetzer wants to become the first South African and African woman to ski from the coast of Antarctica, Hercules Inlet to the South Pole. She is guided by Denise Martin and accompanied by Beth Cheesebourgh. Mike Thornewill is their consultant.
  Antarctic Solo Expedition : Briton businessman John Wilton Davies (44) aims to walk from Hercules Inlet to South Pole. Solo and unsupported. "Dont just dream" says his logo...
  Thermal Heart NZ Antarctic Expedition : New Zealanders Kevin Biggar (37) and Jamie Fitzgerald (26) aim to ski from Hercules Inlet to SP and back without any resupplies. No polar experience, but they won (as a team) the Trans-Atlantic Rowing Race in 2003.
  Teamn2i Antarctic Expedition : Britons, Rory Sweet (37), Henry Cookson (29) and Rupert Longsden (31) will depart from the Russian scientific base Novolazarevskaya to try to reach the pole of Inacessiblitiy. They will be guided by Paul Landry (51).
  Polar Quest South Pole Expedition : A team of the Royal Navy & Marines, will attempt a 2800 km ski trek, from Hercules Inlet to South Pole and back. They want to promote the spirit of adventure through interactive ski-treks to the Polar regions.
  Southern Reach : Southern Reach is the Royal Air Forces expedition to the geographic South Pole 677 miles in 50 days. "A feat of human endeavour..."
  Beyond Endurance : Irish explorer Par Falvey is taking clients into a cruising adventure around South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.
  Centacare Antarctic Expedition : team of four Australians (Duncan Chessel, Robert North, Peter Weeks, Robert Jackson) aims to be first ever climb from sea level to the summit of Mount Vinson, the highest point in Antarctica.
  South Pole Solo : British Mark Evison aims to become the youngest person in history to have walked to the South Pole, solo and unsupported.

  Mission Antarctique : This mission has been initiated to become the most important campaign dedicated to increase public awareness of climate change on Earth. Its goal: to sail until the limits of the South Pole ice in order to witness the effects of the global change in Antarctica.
  Extreme South : This exepdition will see the youngest British person (Toby Williams, 22) and the first diabetic (Rob Conway, 28) make the journey to the South Pole, unsupported and with no resupply.
A french arctic expedition is under way in the Arctic ice pack
  Tara ARCTIC 2007-2008 : Jean-Louis Etienne's fomer sloop Antarctica has been sold to a french businessman, Etienne Bourgois. The boat sails to Arctic ocean. to provide polar and oceanographic laboratories with a scientific platform, allowing to observe the climatic phenomena.