Arctic Expeditions

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  The Longest March : Norwegian Rune Gjeldnes (who was the first - together with Torry Larsen - to cross, unassisted, the Arctic PackIce in 2000) goes for an entire crossing of Antarctica, starting from Queen Maud land and heading to Italian research station, Terra Nova Bay.
  The Great Antarctic Crossing : Spanish R. Larramendi, Juanma Viu and Ignacio Oficialdegui attempt the longest Eastern Antarctic traverse. Strating from former King Baudouin belgian base and heading to french reasearch station Dumont d'Urville. This expedition has been programmed twice already, in 2003 and 2004.
  Students on Ice : Students on Ice is an award-winning organization offering unique learning expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic. Our mandate is to provide students from around the world with inspiring educational opportunities at the ends of our earth, and in doing so, help them foster a new understanding and respect for our planet.
  Mission Antarctique : This mission has been initiated to become the most important campaign dedicated to increase public awareness of climate change on Earth. Its goal: to sail until the limits of the South Pole ice in order to witness the effects of the global change in Antarctica (website in French only for the present time).
  Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition : Briton Colin Yeates attempts, solo, unassisted and rowing, a circumnavigation around the 6th Continent. Starting and ending in Falklands Islands. It should last at least ten month. Distance covered : 21 500 km (11 300 miles), or three times the crossing of Atlantic Ocean.
  Numis Polar Challenge : Five Britons have decided to recreate a part of R.F. Scott odyssey. Starting the day when the famous explorer decided to send back to basecamp three of his men - this is at about 170 miles from the Pole. Equipments and techniques recreated according to the ones the English explorers used in 1911-12 !
  Venezuelian alpinists go for the Hercules Inlet - SP route : After having succeeded six of the seven summits (Carstensz Peak in Irian Jaya being closed by Indonesian Government), they turned their spirits towards polar regions. in 2004, they have travelled the last degree to NP. This adventure to SP is unassisted.
  Expedition Trans-Antarctica : Two teams. Team of four skiers will start at the Axel Heiberg Glacier and head for SP. Meanwhile, a 4x4 vehicle will start from Patriot and drive to SP, the meeting point. Once together, they all come back to Patriot. Skiers will then be filmed.
  Scot100 South Pole Expedition : Two Scottish accountants, Craig Mathieson and Fiona Taylor, are attempting the trek between Patriot Hills and the South Pole with the aim of raising funds for cancer research in Scotland .
  Ice Maidens : Three Australian women, Sandra Floate, Michelle Bloomcamp and Noelene Weightman, all of them mothers and housewives in their forties, are seeking to achieve the dream of their lifetime by attempting the trek between Patriot Hills and the South Pole.
  Polar Challenge 2004 : In December 2004, the Outdoor Education team from West Nottinghamshire College aims to be come the first educational establishment in the world to reach the South Pole with a team of highly trained young students.
  Kites on Ice : veteran Matty McNair (53) guides her children Sarah (18) and Eric (20) from Hercules Inlet -> South Pole and back. They are travelling unsupported and will use powerkites on the way bacK. Conrad Dickinson (49) and Hilary Dickinson (51) are the tow other members of the team.
  Malaysia's Antarctica Expedition : 2 Malaysians - M. Kamaruddin Isa, Encik Suhardi - are attempting a long crossing of Antarctica to bring Malaysia into the exclusive club of countries able to claim major feats in the world of polar adventure.
  Wave Vidmar : Wave Vidmar: after his trek from Cape Arktichevski to the North Pole last spring, the American Wave Vidmar is attempting to cross the Antarctic alone and without being resupplied. More details from the end of October.

Scott's Challenge : The duo of Pete Goss, 40, and Alan Chambers, 34, plan to retrace the heroic odyssey undertaken by the British explorers Robert F. Scott, Birdie Bowers, Titus Oates, Edgar Evans and Bill Wilson in March 1912.


The Great Antarctic Crossing : S. Alvaro, R. Larramendi and F. Soria are attempting to make the 2nd longest ever crossing of Antarctica. This expedition was scheduled for last year, but had to be cancelled.

  2005 Solo South Pole Expedition : The Australian, Rob Pocarno, is attempting the trek from Beckner Island (on the edge of the Weddell Sea ) to the South Pole, solo and without outside assistance, a trek of approximately 1300 km.
  Drive South : Caroline V. Wilton, a British woman of 23, is aiming to become the youngest women to reach the South Pole; she is part of a commercial expedition organised by tour operator Adventure Network International.
  Breaking the Ice - 2004 : 4 Israelis and 4 Palestinians sail from Chili to the Antarctic Peninsula. After, they'll sail along the west coasts to select a mountain that has not yet been named, which they will attempt to scale and then name. A challenge for peace.
  Solo Together Expedition : Fiona Thornewill, 37, is attempting trek Patriot Hills -> South Pole, solo and unsupported. Her husband Mike will join for her arrival after having covered the final 97 miles that Shackleton never managed during his attempt to reach the South Pole in 1907 
  Solo South Pole Challenge : The British woman, Rosie Stancer, 43, will be attempting the same route as Fiona Thornewill, from Patriot Hills to the South Pole. Solo and unaided. Rosie has opted not to use any method of traction, such as power-kites, for example
  Lupus Antarctica Expedition : Briton Martin Burton and two companions, Geoff Sommers and Ronny Finsaas, a Norwegian with a great deal of experience in sail-powered skiing) are attempting the route from the South Pole to Hercules Inlet (approximately 30 km from Patriot Hills). 
  IceAxe Queen Mauld Land Expedition : Two extreme mountaineers, Mike Libecki and Josh Helling are off to explore the Wohlthat Mountains (Queen Maud Land). There, they plan to achieve a number of firsts on the vertical granite rock-faces.
  The Tetley South Pole Mission : 63 years old businessman Simon Murray attempts trek Patriot Hills -> SP. He wants to increase public awareness of the conservation of Royal Geographical Society polar archives. He is guided by Pen Hadow.  
  South Pole Expedition 2003-2004 : Alexander Blyth and Ray Middleton attempt a polar adventure to increase public awareness of the use of antipersonnel war mines all over the world. They trek with NorthWinds Expedition.   
  South Pole Expedition 2003-2004 : NorthWinds, a family travel and adventure business (Matty McNair, Paul Landry, their children Eric and Sarah, and Paul Crowley) allow their clients to achieve their polar dreams.  
  The commercial adventures organised by ANI : Each year, this particular TO organises treks for the more adventurous of its clients, leaving from Hercules Island and heading for the South Pole (approximately 900 km). This year, there are three teams out there on the ice. 
  Curewalk : Agroup of 6 diabetics, who are attempting the route from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole. The reason behind their trek is to make a greater number of people aware of the problems caused by this ancient disorder. 
  Expedicion Antarctica 2002 2003 : Expedicion Antarctica 2002 2003: 4 Chilean mountaineers will be attempting to cross the Sentinel Range in the Ellsworth Mountains while at the same time climbing three previously unconquered peaks of over 4 000 metres.
  Kit Kat Ice Kites Expedition : A Briton and an Irishman are testing out a new type of polar vehicle - the "Parastorm Ski Buggy" (a buggy on skis pulled along by traction sails) - along the route between the South Pole and Patriot Hills, which they hope to achieve in a new record time...  

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