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  Arctic Ocean Crossing 2006 : Danish Bettina Aller and frenchman Jean-Claude Leynaud go for the entire traverse of the Arctic Ocean, from Artikchewski to Ward Hunt. Aller has already attempted three timles this itinerary. See our previous follow up in 2004.
  The Pole North in Winter: No one has dared head for the North Pole on skis in the dark of winter – until now. On 15 January 2006, Børge Ousland and Mike Horn will leave Cape Artichesky, the northernmost point of Russia.
  NOA / North Pole Expedition : Swiww Georges Baumann attempts the entire crossing of Arctic Ocean, solo and unsupported.
  Mission 1, Top of the World : With the use of dogs, David de Rotschild and his team of 4 want to cross the entire ocean to gain maximum exposure for the issues that surround climate change and its worldwide effects, in particular on Polar regions.
  One World Expedition : Second attempt / Late April 2006, Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen embark on a summer expedition. Ward Hunt - NP - Cape Moris Jessup, Greenland. See their last year previous attempt
  The 4 North Poles Expedition : Ice Warrior is a long term project encompassing all those gutsy, traditional aspects of pioneering that were present during the days of the Golden Era of exploration. This time they will try to reach the four north poles.
  North Pole Classic Expedition 2006 : Conrad Dickinson & Richard Weber aim to ski from Ward Hunt Island, to the North Pole, a distance of 775 kilometres in approximately 60 days. They aim to achieve this the hard way, unsupported.
  Arctic Wandering : The blog of a papy whom we know only the first name, captain Gary, who spends his time sailing around the Arctic Ocean and this, since May 2005. His boat : "Arctic Wanderer"...

  One World Expedition : May of 2005, polar explorers Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen embark on a history-making expedition. Their four-month journey crosses the frozen ice cap from Cape Arcitchesky, Siberia to the geographic North Pole, then on to Ellesmere Island, Canada.

Bancroft Arnesen Explore - Arctic Ocean : Late February 2005 Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen will attempt at another historic first for women : an approximate 1,240-mile (1,996-km) ski and ski-sail crossing of the mostly frozen Arctic Ocean. From Arktichewski to Ward Hunt.

The Bering Strait Odyssey, 2005 : Dixie Dansercoer and Troy Henkels (an Alaskan resident) will attempt a double-back traverse of the Bering Strait, a never-before accomplished feat. Their goal: to reach Siberia from Alaska on foot and then return to Alaskan shores in the same manner.
  Ni North Pole Expedition 2005 : five Northern Ireland explorers, Richard Dougan, Richard Dunwoody, Hannah Shields, Martin Duggan and Peter Dew, attempt the record for the fastest unsupported crossing to the North Pole. They will start at Ward Hunt.

Pole Track 2005 : Marc Cornelissen, Doug Stoup and Petter Nyquist are aiming to support climate change research and to call attention to the changing arctic and world climate. Last year, a short test expedition left for the North Pole to test gear and technology.

  Ann Daniels 2005 North Pole Solo : Briton Ann Daniels (who has reached NP already back in 2002, see our coverage) is attempting the route Arktichewski -> North Pole. Solo and unsupported...
  Barclays Capital Ultimate North Expedition : British explorer Tom Avery and his team ry to recreate the famous - and so controversial - Peary Expedittion of 1909. He is aiming to solve the greatest mystery in the history of polar exploration.
  Primal Journey : Reaching both poles one after another, this is the goal of this expedition. Tarka L'Herpiniere (22), britsih student, and Patrick Wintertin (37), sports commentator are attempting the route Ward Hunt -> North Pole.
  The Serco TransArctic Expedition : Young British adventurer Ben Saunders, 26, (who has already attempted the route Arktichewski Cape -> PN in 2002) is attempting this time a World Premiere : the trek Arktichewski Cape -> Ward Hunt (North Canada), alone and unsupported. 
  Dominick to North Pole : For the second time, French Finnish adventurer Dominick Arduin is attempting the trek Arktichewski Cape (Siberia) -> North Pole. Alone with only one resupply. Last year, on the same route, she had to be picked up fifteen days after her departure afer falling into the water.
  Nordpolen 2004 : Danish woman Bettina Aller is making a third attempt to conquer the route between Cape Arktichevski (Siberia) and the North Pole (after her unsuccessful attempts in 2001 and 2002). This time, she has opted to be accompanied by the French cameraman Jean-Gabriel Leynaud. : The American Wave Vidmar is attempting the route between Cape Arktichevski and the North Pole. Alone and with no supplies from the outside. He was dropped off at Cape Arkitechvski on 5th March at the same time as the 4 other expeditions trying their luck this season. 
  Objectif Pôle Nord : Frenchman Frédéric Chamart Boudet is taking on two major challenges. 1/ The route between Cape Arktichevski and the North Pole (alone and without being re-supplied) this Spring 2004. 2/ And a crossing of the entire Arctic Ocean (again alone and without being re-supplied) next year, in 2005.
  Pen Solo / Omega Foundation Arctic Research Expedition : The British explorer and guide, Pen Hadow (41), sets out on his solo and unassisted trek between Ward Hunt (Canada) and the North Pole. He left on 17th March.
  Operation North Pole 2003 : Finnish adventurer Dominick Arduin is attempting the route Arktichewski Cape (Siberia) -> North Pole, travelling on her own and being resupplied twice en route.
  Arktos Expedition : South African adventurer Mike Horn (solo around the world along the equator, 1999), plans a 20 000 km circumnavigation aorund Arctic Circle. Start scheduled for late February.
  Vagabond Sloop is going back to sea : After having wintered 6 months at Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatka, Vagabond stands out to sea heading for Japan before sailing back to France through the famous NO Passage.
  ARKTIKA 2000 : French adventurer Gilles Elkaim is leaving /North Cape on May 30st 2000 and will travel 3000 km all the way through North Siberia to reach Bering Strait an unforgettable three years journey. 

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