Antarctic Expeditions

  The Ultimate Arctic Crossing : Belgians Alain Hubert & Dixie Dansercoer on the longest TransArctic crossing ever attempted - from New Siberian Islands -> Ward Hunt (Canada), that is to say more thant a 2000 km trek - unassisted.
  Hitachi Extreme North Expedition : Singapourian Khoo Swee Chiow is attempting for the second time the route Ward Hunt -> North Pole with resupply. Canadian guide Paul Landry is going with him.
  Arktos Expedition : South African adventurer Mike Horn (solo around the world along the equator, 1999), plans a 20 000 km circumnavigation aorund Arctic Circle. Start scheduled for late February.
  Australiens Jarvis Tims and Peter Treseder : they intent to leave from Arktichewski Cape to reach Nortn Pole, unsupported Start scheduled for March 1st 2002. No contatc has yet been taken with this team.
  Globetag Icetrek : Australians Eric Philips and Jon Muir leave from Cape Arktichewski to trek to North Pole un supported (they will use powerkites when possible and have a great experience of polar regions)
  Mission Banquise : French adventurer Jean-Louis Etienne is leaving from North Pole aboard a special vessel "Polar Observer". He plans to let himself drif together with the ice pack in order to make scientific observations along the route.
  M&G Investments North Pole Expedition 2002 : three British women, Ann Daniels (37), Pom Oliver (50) et Caroline Hamilton (35) go for the route Ward Hunt -> NP. They have been at the SP already. Departure scheduled for March 10th.
  North Pole 2002/Polar Orchid Challenge : British Ben Saunders (24) wants to be the youngest man ever to reach NP, solo and unassisted. He leaves from Arktichewski Cape. He had been on the pack ice already last year (with guide Pen Hadow) but failed.
  North Pole Solo 2002 : for the third time, Scotsman Dave Mill is trying the route Ward Hunt -> North Pole, solo and unsupported. See here the follow up (in our pages) up of his previous attempts : Expedition 1, Expedition 2.
  North East Passage aboard Vagabond : Frenchman Eric Brossier, together with 6 companions is following the same route as Swedish Explorer Adolf E. Nordenskjöld in 1878-79. Leaving in May and planning to reach Pacific Ocean in October.
  The Poles Wearables Expedition 2001/02 : American pair Thomas and Tina Sjogren try to reach both South and North pole, one after the other. Unsupported. Aft having failed once, they succeeded this year, reaching SP on January 31st. Start : mid-April.
  Arktika 2000 : French adventurer Gilles Elkaim is leaving /North Cape on May 30st 2000 and will travel 3000 km all the way through North Siberia to reach Bering Strait an unforgettable three years journey.
  Solo Expedition 2001 : For the second time, Scotsman Dave Mill is trying to reach North Pole leaving from Ward Hunt. Solo and unsupported. Last year, he left WH on April 9th and had to give up after 33 days of expedition.    
  Ousalnd Arctic Expedition : Famous Norwegian Explorer Borge Ousland is trying the Arctic Traverse between Siberia (Arktichevsky Cape) to Canada (Ward Hunt). Solo and unsupported.  

North Pole 2001 : British Mike et Fiona Thornewill want to be the first couple to reach both Souht and North Pole, skying. With two resupplies scheduled ; they are guided by professionnal P. Landry. Catherine Hartley is part of the group.

  Hyoichi Kohno : Japanese explorer Hyoichi Kohno, 43, left North Pole on March 26th for a 15 000 km journey.. He wants to reach South Japan skying and kayaking. His travel should take about six years.  
  The Polar Orchid Challenge: British commercial Expedition; Ben Saunders wants to be the youngest man to reach North Pole, unsupported. He has engaged british professional polar guide Pen Hadow to help him in this challenge. .
  Bettina Aller : Danish Explorer Bettina Aller is attempting for the second time the crossing of Arctic pack. She is following the same Itinerary as Borge Ousland, but with resupply en route.  
  The Extreme North: Singapourian Khoo Swee Chiow is attempting to reach North pole from Ward Hunt. He plans tro be resupplied twice en route. german guide Armin Wirth is going with him.    
  Arnaud Tortel and Rodolphe André, two Frenchmen, depart from Cape Arktikschevsky in Siberia for the Great Canadian North on 27 February. After three revictualling operations, they end in failure some 570 km from their goal, following a serious fall by Arnaud when crossing a pressure ridge.
  Rune Gjeldnes and Torry Larsen depart from Severnaya Zemlya in Siberia on 16 February in an attempt to reach Ward Hunt via the North Pole. They arrived there on 03 June after 109 days spent on the ice cap and a trek of 1,914 km. This is the first unassisted Arctic crossing.  
  Haraldur Örn Ólafsson and Ingþór Bjarnason departed from the Great Canadian North to reach the North Pole. After 15 days, Bjarnason gave up, and the other went on solo. He reached the North Pole on 10 May after 65 days and a journey of 712 km.
  Setting off from Resolute Bay on 09 April in the hope of being the first person to conquer the North Pole (from Canada) without external assistance, Dave Mill gave up on 24 May after 50 days of walking. He was short of fuel, food and batteries…    

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