Arnaud Tortel and Rodolphe André

Frenchmen Arnaud Tortel and Rodolphe André attempt an entire crossing of the Arctic Ocean via the geographic North Pole from Siberia (Cape Arktichevsky) to Canada (Ellesmere Island) totally unaided and without being re-supplied 100 days of challenges on foot and skis over a distance of 1800 km.

Arnaud Tortel
Rodolphe André

Arnaud Tortel is devoting his experience and extraordinary strength of spirit to a great, wonderful and very simple cause: world peace. He has found a partner in Christiane Gugger, the world-famous pianist and founder of the association "Creation of Works for Peace". "Creation of Works for Peace" brings together Abbot Pierre, Dr Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Paris mosque, rabbi François Garaï, pastor Shafique Keshavjee, the Hindu Svâmi Amarananda, the Tibetan Buddhist Trijang Chogtrul Rinpoché, and they have all agreed to sponsor the Trans-Arctic 2000 expedition and to appear together on a flag symbolising peace that will be raised at the North Pole.

This spring, another expedition (Norvegians Rune Gjeldnes and Torry Larsen)
is attempting the same goal under the same conditions