Six Chileans are setting out on an adventure aimed at exploring the unclimbed peaks in the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains. Over a period of 60 days, the climbers will be making a trek of approximately 400 km through unexplored terrain, while attempting to climb the 4 highest summits in the mountain range. This will enable them to make any changes required to the details of the maps of this region of the Antarctic and to gather samples of rock and ice.

  • Eugénio Guzman, 25, agricultural engineer, in charge of equipment
  • Rodrigo Jordan, 44, industrial engineer, expedition leader
  • Eernesto Olivares, 37, civil engineer, in charge of food and expedition doctor
  • Marcello Grifferos, 38, construction engineer, responsible for the supply chain
  • Tomas Grifferos, 40, physical trainer for the team
  • Pablo Gutierez, 36, electrical engineer, responsible for communication during the expedition.

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