Initiated by Goeff Green and his team

STUDENTS ON ICE is an award-winning organization offering unique learning expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic.

Our mandate is to provide students from around the world with inspiring educational opportunities at the ends of our earth, and in doing so, help them foster a new understanding and respect for our planet.

This year, the 15 days programme includes the crossing of the famous Drake Passage from Ushuaia until the Antarctic Peninsula (see the details of the programme).

“The Students on Ice program is a fantastic opportunity for youth to explore different regions of the North. I wish to thank you as well, for working so diligently on this initiative, and providing avenues for people to learn and appreciate the beauty of nature."
The Honourable David Anderson, Former Minister of the Environment for Canada

"I strongly endorse the Students on Ice expeditions!"
Dr. Mario Molina, Recipient of Nobel Prize

"Your organization has become a pioneering force in educating today's youth about the environment."
United States Senator Charles E. Schumer

Geoff Green
Adventure Educator, Expedition Leader, Founder of Students on Ice