Ice Maidens
Sandra Floate, Michelle Blommcamp & Noelene Weightman

Three Australian women, Sandra Floate, Michele Bloomcamp and Noelene Weightman, are attempting the by-now classic route from Patriot Hills to the South Pole, without outside assistance.

The three forty - something mums - the Ice Maidens - intend making this adventure the trip of a lifetime.

They are associated with the Melbourne Royal Women's Hospital and take part in campaigns aimed at raising funds for the research programmes that the hospital has been conducting for 150 years.


This Australian expedition has been mentioned since 2002 in newsletters from Anan, Antarctic Australian Division. The delay to the project is due to the fact that the three women (they started out as five) are first and foremost mothers and they decided to put their family life ahead of the adventure. We are still waiting to receive the jpgs we asked them for...

Why would they set out on an adventure like this?
The Ice Maidens reply

 Sandra Floate