Arctic Expeditions

Austral Summer 2003-04 / Austral summer 2002-03 / Austral Summer 2001 - 02 / Austral Summer 2000 - 01 / Austral Summer 1999 - 00 / Austral Sumer 1997 - 98

  The Poles Wearables Expedition 2001/02 : American pair Thomas and Tina Sjogren try to reach both South and North pole, one after the other. Unsupported. Last year, they went for the same project. After 60 days on the ice, they had to abandon.
  The Wall in Antarctica : Accompanied by 8 alpinists, Belgian polar explorer Alain Hubert is attempting to climb the Holtanna peak, Orvins Mountains, Queen Maud Land. It's a vertical granit wall of 800 m high.
  Bancroft Arnesen Expedition : American Ann Bancroft (45) and Norwegian Liv Arnesen (47) plan to be the first women ever to achieve an entire crossing of Antarctica. They'll start from Blue One and head to South Pole, then go to McMurdo. With resupply.
  Norwegian Antarctic Expediton : Team of four has wintered in a norwegian base (Troll) during 10 months. Two of them, Rolf Bae (25) and Eirik Sønneland (same age), left Troll end October for a trek to South Pole. They use skis and powerkites.
  Pole to Pole 2000 : A team of youngsters, coming from all over the world, is travelling from North to South Pole. A 33 000 km journey, on foot, skying, cylcing and kayaking also, etc. During the travel they will take part in various humanitarian and developping projects.
  Five other Expeditions : is also following the 5 other antarctic expeditions which are trekking from Patriot Hills to South Pole (1100 km). Amongst these, a blind man, Miles Hilton-Barber, who is raising founds for the Royal National Institute for the Blind.
  Slovenian Solo : Slovenian skier Stane Klemenc (50) wants to attempt a solo traverse of 6th Continent. Blue One McMurdo. He will use powerkites being seated in a carbon-fibre, chair-like, device, specially designed for his expedition.
  Shakleton's Steps : Three adventurers are stepping back 84 years in time to recreate for television part of Shackleton's journey, that has become one of the most heroic survival stories
of all time.
  Reconnaissance Expedition in the Queen Maud Land : Belgian explorer Alain Hubert is going to Antarctica to prepare his forthcoming expedition The Wall in Antarctica. See Antarctic Austral Summer 2000-2001.
  The French mountaineer Laurence de la Ferrière trekking in solo from the South Pole solo to the Dumont d'Urville base in Terre Adélie transiting via the Concordia Dome, a voyage of more than 3,000 kilometres.
  Antarctica 2000 : Dixie Dansercoer returns to the Antarctic accompanied by his wife Julie Brown and the first Belgian conqueror of Everest, Rudy Van Snick. Objective: the summit of Mount Vinson and to get from Vinson to Patriot on foot.  
  South Through the Pole 1997-98 : Belgians Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer attempt the longest antarctica crossing using powerkites adn without resupply. From former King Baudouin Base to the American base McMurdo.

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