(Patriot Hills - South Pole)

Sasquatch Expedition : Air, Earth, Water and Fire
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Round trip Patiot Hills-South Pole-Patriot Hills : this expedition is part of a huge operation that consists of four expeditions whose respective themes are based on the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This project is of Dutch inspiration: Edmond Ofner, Joost Cohensius, Wilco van Rooijen and Marc Cornelissen. For the Earth project, for example, they covered 1,000km on foot in the Gibson Desert in Australia. Back to the roots, discover the elements.
This Antarctic crossing supports the Water element. To draw public attention to the largest natural water reserve in the world. And to get the protection of the Antarctic envirnoment talked about. Wilco van Rooijen and Marc Cornelissen (photo on the left) will be
going on skis from Patriot Hills to the South Pole; they hope to enjoy favourable winds for the return journey and to be able to use their traction kites.
The total distance is about 2,200km; they reckon they can make the round trip in about 70 days and to be back in Patriot towards the end of January. This project's website is huge, well informed, and immerses the visitor in a very special atmosphere.

Challenging Horizons : A Visually Impaired Man on the Ice

An unusual adventure is being attempted by Miles Hilton-Barber (50 years old and visually impaired since he was 30), a resident of Derbyshire in England who would like to reach the South Pole from Patriot Hills (1,076 km). There is no question of using traction kites, of course, but rather the help of a companion, Jonathon Cook, who will attempt the adventure with him.
Unlike other polar explorers, who all without exception would like to pin a first on their track record, Miles's ambition is rather to transform the handicap suffered by many into a challenge of everyday life. This journey is also intended as an important fund-raising project for the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind). The two men reckon that they will need 65 days for the course; to achieve this they will have to cover about 20km per day. They left Patriot Hills on 20 November.Their website is most explicit and clear. Their adventure can also be followed on the RNIB website

Danish South Pole Expedition 2000

It is a small, more orthodox crossing that is being attempted by the two Danes, Kristian Joos and Gregers Gjersoe. They are going to try to reach the South Pole from the Hercules Inlet on the south coast of the Ronne Ice Shelf (some 30km north of Patriot Hills) without external help. And dragging their sledges behind them
.This route has been attempted at least ten times in the last twelve years; not all of the crossings have been crowned with success.
The two men reckon to cover the distance (about 1,000km) in seven or eight weeks.
As communication about this adventure is only in Danish, we in fact know very little about the motivation of these two polar voyagers.They are nevertheless on the way. Their website is written only in Danish.

The Poles Wearables Expedition : 2 Poles in 1...

He, Thomas Sjogren, is Swedish and lives in England; she, Tina Sjogren, is Czech, a political refugee in Sweden now living in the United States. Together, T&T, as they are called, have set up a new technologies business. From what their website tells us, they seem to be passionate about gadgets (technological gadgets, of course) that they take with them to try out at all the ends of the earth. They both have a globetrotting background: climbing the Himalayas, crossing jungles and oceans. This time, they have set themselves the "TWO IN ONE" challenge.. Or, if you prefer, one pole after another.
First the South Pole, then, this winter (southern summer), the classic Patriot-SP route, then the North Pole next March. ETA South Pole 03 January (they are not giving the time as they do not yet know whether they are setting out from Canada or Siberia); ETA North Pole 03 May (again no specified time).
All unassisted, that goes without saying, with ultra-sophisticated instruments in their baggage (a web camera over the shoulder, for example) and under the protection of the giant Ericsson.
They set out from Patriot on 21 November. Bad weather from the start.
Web site in English - user-friendly…

Pole to Pole 2000

A few months ago, we were following this fantastic experience that was born from the imagination of the Canadian, Martyn Williams, see project details by clicking here. In summary, there are ten young people, from every background and every part of the globe, who have set out to discover the world by accomplishing humanitarian actions along the way (Magnetic North Pole to Geographic South Pole) and to make the populations they encounter aware of the new values born in the last thirty years; protection of the environment, greater openness between people, more dialogue and tolerance…
Since summer, I have been too busy preparing our new map section and our "The Wall in Antarctica" expedition website, so I have been unable to continue to follow this great adventure.
When they arrive in the Antarctic, we will pick up the threads again. Large website, superbly professional press service, interesting photographs and numerous logbook extracts (some more intimate than others) from the boy and girl participants.