Tina and Thomas Sjogren

Second Attempt for american pair Thomas and Tina Sjogren
on both South and North Pole making one after the other

He, Thomas Sjogren, is Swedish and lives in England; she, Tina Sjogren, is Czech, a political refugee in Sweden now living in the United States. Together, T&T, as they are called, have set up a new technologies business. From what their website tells us, they seem to be passionate about new technologies. They both have a globetrotting background: climbing the Himalayas, crossing jungles and oceans. This time, they have set themselves the "TWO IN ONE" challenge.. Or, if you prefer, one pole after another.

First the South Pole, then, this winter (southern summer), the classic Patriot-SP route, then the North Pole next March. ETA South Pole end January ; ETA North Pole 03 May (again no specified time).
All unsupported, with ultra-sophisticated instruments in their baggage (a web camera over the shoulder, for example), sponsored by the giant Ericsson.
They set out from Hercules Inlet on 29 November. Bad weather from the start.