Gunnar Børre Thoresen, Eirik Sønneland, Frode Nedrebø et Rolf Bae

The project roughly consists of three elements. The expedition is part of the Norwegian Polar Institute’s scientific summer expedition NARE (Norwegian Antarctic Research Expedition), where Norway, Finland and Sweden are involved with environmental research programs.

The four expedition team members have stayed in Queen Maud Land over the last winter ; spending a total of 14 months on the ice. This will be the first Norwegian spending the winter in the Norwegian sector in about 40 years. The overwintering tasks include testing of alternative energy sources and eco-friendly sewage solutions, and to contribute to research within polar medicine and social psychology.

The new century and Norwegian polar history will be marked by Rolf Bae and Eirik Søndeland making a ski expedition to the South Pole (about 2-3 months, 2000 km). They will be the youngest ever completing such a ski expedition.