Project initiated by Jean Lemire, Daniel Gauthier and their staff

(Their website is for the present time written only in French)

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The oceanographic sailing ship, Sedna IV, is undertaking its most important scientific and film-making mission to date. Throughout an incredible human adventure that will last over a year, the public is invited to follow the expedition wherever it goes and to share and understand the work it is doing.

Mission Antarctica is one of the largest expeditions of modern times. Its aim is to meet the challenge with you and become the largest awareness campaign about climate change and the other main environmental issues facing the planet. Mission Antarctica's objective is to sail to the edge of the ice fields at the South Pole and document the effects of climate change in the Antarctic, which is the place on Earth that has warmed the most in recent decades. The sailors, film-makers and scientists who have embarked on this mission will be plunging into the heart of the extreme and drive themselves further than they have ever been before in order to analyse and understand the phenomenon that is climate change (see also the Sedna's itinerary).

At the heart of the expedition is an important programme of scientific research. The scientific protocol that has been developed thanks to the collaboration of researchers from a number of countries, will cover several areas, ranging from biology to oceanography and from climatology to glaciology. A major behavioural study into the effects of isolation in extreme conditions will also form part of the research programme (in conjunction with NASA and UBC).

Mission Antarctica is aiming to become an extraordinary window for revealing to the public throughout the world just how important the issues are with which we all have to deal. Following in the footsteps of the great explorers of yesteryear, we are ready to push back the limits and provide our audience with a unique odyssey, driven on by our desire for adventure, discovery and dreams…

Mission / Team / Climate Change / How to Act / The Mission at your School