Antarctic Polar Regions


Arctic, Antarctic
Round or not Round ?
Great Names, Great Explorations, Great Discoveries
The first Penguins were seen by a Privateer
The Truth was in a Bottle thrown into the Sea
Finally, the Antarctic ?
Seal wars and Brainwashing

A Discocery waiting to be Made
The great Ross Barrier
The Antarctic of the Whales

The Belgians come to the Dance
Science gets to work in the Antarctic Waters
How does one buy a Three-Master ?
What were Gerlaches's real Intentions ?

Disease, Depression, Schizophrenia, Dementia and Death...
Explosives and Muscle Power : Extraction at any price
An Historical First
Gerlache Strait, Antwerpen Island, Solvay Mountains, etc.

Dramas, Tragedies and Feats

A question of Immortality
Great Suffering for great Men

Shackleton the Great
14/12/1911 & 17/01/1912 : more Drama than Victory
Why Amundsen arrived before Scott

1911 : Germany
1911 : Australia
1922 : Ernest Shackleton
1928 : Flying over Antarctica
1929 : The United States of America
1929-30 : BANZARE, First International Expedition
1934 : Alone in the Great South
1935 : A Millionaire buys the first Trans-Antarctic Flight for himself
1936-37 : The English again
1946 : Operation High Jump, when the Americans spare no Expense

Return to Antarctica

Like Father, like Son ?
The International Geophysical Year (1957-58)
Having to walk on Hands and Knees
70° 25 ' 33" of Latitude South : enough Confort
No dole in Antarctica

Silent Night...
A Winter Orgy
When Spring returns
An Accident that almost led to Worse
Tum ti Tum Tum...
Some go back, some arrive

Crossing the Antarctic on Snocats
The American Armada lands in Antarctica
Scientifiques Galore