Arctic Polar Region


The 6th Continent (The Continent and its islands)
The history of the Earth compressed into 365 days
The history of Gondwana
The Southern Ocean
An ocean unlike any other
Rivers in the Southern Ocean
Men have always been fascinated by the Southern Ocean
Fish living in the Cold
Krill, a very peculiar Shrimp
An Ocean simultaneously rich and poor
Tons if iron in the Southern Ocean
The World of Antarctic Ice
The Ice Caps
Two Inlandsis
The thickness of ice caps
The metamorphosis of the ice
The speed of the Glaciers
Glacial core samples
The history of Ice samples coring
The memory of the Earth's climate in the ice
Heading for a fullscale climatic catastrophe ?

The Ice oceans

The ice pack
Mathematical models
When the ice melt
Ice Shelves & Icebergs
Can icebergs be towed ?
The A25 Affair
The Antarctic System
A short history of the Antarctic
A Discovery Waiting to be Made
The first Prisoners of the Antarctic
Dramas, Tragedies and Feats

Return to Antarctica

A Continent for Science and Adventure
Protecting Antarctica
General mobilisation
Political punch-ups : a more prudent path
Protection of the environment scores a great victory
Some of the cases of pollution
Is the 6th continent under threat today?
Farewell, whales?
Calling the "Antarctic System" into question?
Sustainable Development & Global Warming