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Bloomcamp Michelle

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Websites : Her (their) Expedition Ice Maidens / Australia Network / ABC Australia / Media Release-Victoria, The Place To Be / ALE / The Sydney Morning Herald ( / Ice-Trek Expeditions / Ballarat - Your Guide / Australian Government Antarctic Division /

Auistralian traveller Michelle Bloomcamp is mentionned in our site because of her antarctic 2004-05 expedition "Ice Maidens" with Sandra Floate and Noelene Wieghtman (click here).


I am married and have 2 daughters aged 11 and 15, named Elise and Abbie. Along with a dog, and a full time job they provide me with plenty of ways to spend my time.

So why go to the South Pole?
I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I used to ski, bushwalk, and ride horses but when you have children these things cease to be a priority. Still there remains the desire to get out and have some adventure.
When the other women spread out the map of Antarctica and asked if I would like to join them for a long walk I had changed careers, my children were becoming more independent and I was feeling the urge to become more physically active and learn something new.
So I jumped at the chance to go. This is my life's big challenge. I have to grow and improve in so many ways and I can demonstrate to my children some of the values I believe in. Dedication, having a dream, teamwork, staying positive and being willing to learn are all essential to the success of any big undertaking and my hope is that we can teach these to our children and inspire other women to believe in themselves.


1. To be inspired
2. To make my family proud of
me and be a good role
model for my children
3. To learn about teamwork
4. Sticking to it !