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Boyarsky Victor

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Dr. Victor Boyarsky

Director and founder of the Agency "VICAAR" as well as a director of the Russian State Museum of Arctic and Antarctic. Victor has achieved extraordinary success in Polar guiding and is one of the world's best polar explorers. As a scientist he was a leading radioglaciologist of the Arctic Antarctic Research Institute and carried our research in the Antarctic. He was a member and co-leader of the numerous international polar expeditions. He crossed Greenland with dogsleds from South to North (1988), was a point man in the International Trans-Antarctica dogsled expedition (1989-90), and Trans-Arctic dogsled expedition (1995). Since 1997 he guided 7 successful skiing to the North Pole (last degree) expeditions.

Victor has 30 years of experience in the polar regions. From 1973 to 1987, he participated in four Antarctic and six Arctic expeditions. As a member of international teams, Victor has crossed Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean by ski and dogsled. He has also led 14 ski expeditions to the North Pole and served as lecturer and leader aboard 11 trips to the North Pole aboard nuclear icebreakers. In addition to numerous articles on remote sounding of glaciers and sea ice, Victor has published books on his Antarctic and Greenland crossings. He is currently director of the Arctic and Antarctic Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he lives.