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Floate Sandra

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I am Sandra Floate aged 43 years. I have 2 children, Alexander aged 10 and Olivia aged 9. I work with Harry my partner in our business "Harry's Cabinets".

My other life as an Ice Maiden came about when a friend and I were talking at the local Footscray Swim Centre while our children were having their swimming lessons. I asked her what she was up to lately. She answered that she had read this terrific book about 5 British women who skied across Antarctica to the South Pole.
From that moment on, I guess my life has made a right angle turn into very different unknown territory of excitement, commitment and chaos. I say chaos because of the time we have all had to put into meetings, weekends walking and weekends nordic skiing.
We have all had to adjust and to find time. Time to train every day at the park or the gym, plus our families had to adjust to us not being around to keep the household ticking over with children's activities and life in general. Looking back over the life I had before the children, the living overseas and travel, I can see that this expedition and its planning are just an extension of all those experiences.


1. Photography and filming - aesthetics, record of trip,
personal recognition
2. Fitness - being fit
3. Climbing

Source : Ice Maidens Expedition website