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Graeme Joy

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Graeme Joy is one of the most focused and motivating of all business presenters in Australasia. As joint leader and navigator of the International North Pole Expedition, Graeme became the first and only Australian to ski to the North Pole. He subsequently ski-sailed alone to the Magnetic North Pole becoming, once again, the first and only Australian to do so. He has also led expeditions to Mts McKinley and Vinson in Antarctica, Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, across the Australian desert, and kayaking in Greenland and Bass Strait. In his lectures, seminars and
training programs Graeme draws striking parallels between success in expeditions and success in business. Few people are better placed to articulate the importance of leadership styles, effective decision-making, winning performance and highly motivated teams. A qualified facilitator of numerous corporate leadership and team development programmes, Graeme's presentations are always highly praised by clients for their business applicability, take-home value and delivery of their key results. Exciting visuals support Graeme's presentations. Based on client feedback, Graeme Joy consistently rates as one of the top three Saxton speakers, a statistic testament to his phenomenal rapport with any manner of audience.

Source : Saxton speakers bureau