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Heo Young ho

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1995 : Young-ho Heo, Gi-chan Jang, Beum-taek Kim, Sung-hwan Kim and Keun-bae Lee, all Koreans, leave fro an entire Arctic traverse ; from Cape Arktichevsky, reaching 90° N and Ward Hunt on 19th June, after a crossing of 99 days, on foot, and with re-supplies.


Heo Young-Ho summited Everest on Dec 22, 1987 in winter and then with Ngati Sherpa, he summited on April 13th, 1993. They climbed from the North and then traversed and came down the south side of the mountain!

Heo Young-Ho was born April 16th, 1954 has completed the Adventure Grand Slam consists of the South Pole, the North Pole and the Seven Summits. In fact he climbed Everest twice, and went to the North and South Pole both twice... In 1993, the first climbers to reach the Summit of Everest were Ngati Sherpa and Heo Young Ho via the North Ridge descending down the South East ridge.
Heo Young-Ho is a very famous climber, who has climbed many mountains and attempted many mountains. In 1982 he summited Makalu 5/20/82; 1983 Manaslu 10/22/93; 1989 Lhotse 10/14/89.

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