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Horn Mike

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Major Accomplishments

2000 : Latitude Zero, the circumnavigation of the world along the equator
1997 : The descent of the Amazon River on hydro speed and without assistance
1995 : World record descent of a waterfall on hydro speed
1991 : Paragliding expedition in the Peruvian Andes.


Mike Horn was born in Johannesburg in South Africa on the 16th of July 1966. After studying Human Movement Science at the University of Stellenbosch, he left South Africa in 1990 to travel to Europe where he started work as a ski instructor, river and canyoning guide.

In 1991, he left for a paragliding and rafting expedition in the Peruvian Andes. On his return he was asked to become a member of the <Sector No Limits> sports team and shortly after descended the Mont Blanc Glacier on a body board ending at the French Riviera.

In1995, Mike opened the <No Limits> Outdoor Activity Sports Center in Switzerland. It was during this time that Mike broke the world record for the highest descent of a waterfall with a hydrospeed, on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica. (22m) In 1997, Mike launched his first big expedition: the 6 month solo traverse of the South American continent. He left on foot from the Pacific Ocean and climbed to the source of the Amazon River high in the Peruvian Andes. From here he descended the 7í000 km of river on a hydospeed until he reached the Atlantic Ocean.

Since then, Mike has become fascinated by yet another sport : sailing. With the best of professors, Laurent Bourgnon, they won the Multicocques Grand Prix.

After this he was asked to join the crew on Mari Cha III, a 45m monohull, as wincher, a position requiring great physical straight. Much to their delight they beat the transatlantic world record by 2 days and 14 hours. In 1999, Mike launched his biggest adventure : the circumnavigation of the world along the equator. He baptized the expedition < Latitude Zero>, around the world  solitaire in 17 months, from June 1999 to October 2000, and without any motorized transport. Starting in Gabon on the West Coast of Africa he traversed the Atlantic Ocean in a small trimaran of  8 meters. On his arrival in South America, he left his boat in the care of his logistics team then continued on foot and pirogue through the Amazon jungle only to find his trimaran awaiting him once again on the West Coast. After three months of navigation on the Pacific Ocean he arrived at the Indonesian Islands and then crossed the Indian Ocean.

Africa, the last continent, he crossed on foot, on VTT and pirogue.

Mike is the first man ever to achieve such a feat and has since become internationally renown and has received many merits and prizes, namely the "Laureus Award" for best Alternative Sportsman of the Year, Adventurer of the Year for the Outthere magazine and the Toison díOr for the film festival in Dijon.
Mike is married to Cathy, who supports him in all his projects and helps with organization, logistics, nutrition and communication. They have two girls, Annika and Jessica, 11 and 10 years old.

Age: 38 years
Profession : Professional Explorer
Nationality : South African
Residing : Château- d'Oex, Switzerland
Qualifications : Diploma in Human Movement Science, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.