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Kaminski Marek

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Marek Kamiński (1964-) Polish explorer, the first man who reached both, North and South Poles in the same year 1995 without external support, In 2004, he completed the same trip with a 17 years old, disable boy-Jasiek Mela. He is the President of Polish Branch of the Explorer Club. He studied philosophy and physic in Warsaw University. He speaks English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish.and Japanese.

Marek Kaminski also has a long history of serving the community. In order to help more people, he set up Marek Kaminski Foundation in 1996. Beside supporting exploration, the foundation also offer aid to disabled and ill children. He always gives lectures and sharing to young people.

Numerous awards were given to him in Poland and other countries, for example Finalist World Young Business Achiever 1994; Man of the Year 1995, („Życie Warszawy” daily);the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Poland in all over the world’ by Foreign Minister Adam Daniel Rotfeld and the Hans Christian Andersen Ambassador 2005.

He completed numerous expeditions:
- Mexico, Guatemala – 1985/1987
-crossing of Spitsbergen on skies -1990,
-first ever Polish crossing of Greenland, 600 km in 35 days from east side to west, on skies – 1993
-reaching the North Pole from Ward Hunt Island, 880 km in 72 days; on skies without support – 1995.
-reaching the South Pole from Berkner Island, 1400 km in 53 days; alone, on skies without support - 1995
-attempted solo unsupported crossing of Antarctica, 1450 km in 54 days – 1996
-crossing Ellsworth Mountains and climbing Mt. Vinson – 1997/1998,
-climbing in Andes, Bolivia – 1998
-climbing Kilimanjaro - 1998, 2001
-crossing of Atlantic on yacht - 1999
-first ever crossing of Gibson Desert, Australia; in the international team; 670 km in 46 days – 1999
-crossing of Atlantic on catamaran in 15 days; a qualification race for “The Race 2000” - 2000
-crossing of Greenland with parasails, 600 km in 13 days from east side to west – 2000
-scientific expedition to the Amazon sources, with National Geographic Society, Smithsonian Institute and Explorers Club; the goal of the expedition was to establish the Amazon sources – 2001
-‘Together to the Pole’ , with young disabled boy Jasiek Mela to the North and South Pole without same year--2004

There are series of films from his expeditions:
-“North and South Poles in the same year. Arctic”
-“North and South Poles in the same year. Antarctica”
-“One day in Patriott Hills”
-“Third Pole. Interrupted expedition”
-“Why? Expedition on the Mt. Vinson”
-Greenland Adventure. About crossing Greenland with parasails in 2000
-"White out, Expedition out of shadow”-about the trip with Jasiek Mela to the North Pole

Marek Kaminski wrote several books :
-“My Poles. Diaries from expeditions 1990-1998” – awarded for The Best Book of 1998 and the Best Adventure Book
-“My Expeditions”- the album with photographs from his expeditions
-“Together to the Pole”- about the trip with Jasiek Mela to the North and South Pole

Source : his own website