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Khoo Swee Chiow
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Major Accomplishments

- 2005 : On the 25th of December 2005, Khoo Swee Chiow broke the current Guinness world record of 212 hours and 30 minutes for the longest scuba dive done in a controlled environment. The record was held by British diver Michael Steven in a royal navy tank at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham in 1986. Khoo stayed underwater longer by an extra seven hours and 30 minutes
- 2004 : Everest summit attempt without oxygen (abandon at 8 415m balcony)
- 2002 : North Pole successfull trek + adventure Grand Slam completed (7 summits + South and North Poles)
- 2001 : summit the Shishapangma (8 027m) with team of 6 other climbers
- 2001 : First attempt to the North Pole. After 9 days on the ice, he had to be evacuated as he suffered frostbite on his fingers.
- 2000, 22nd Nov : Swee Chiow reached the last of his 7 Summits, Mt Vinson in Antarctica. Swee Chiow is the first South East Asian to complete the 7 Summits. Here are Swee Chiow's summit dates :

Kilimanjaro, Africa

  20 June 1994
Everest, Asia
  25 May 1998
Aconcagua, South America
  29 February 2000
Denali, North America
  1 July 2000
Elbrus, Europe
  19 September 2000
Carstenz Pyramid, Oceania
  19 October 2000
Kosciuszko, Oceania
  28 October 2000
Vinson Massif, Antarctica
  22 November 2000

- 1999 : Swee Chiow led the 1st Singapore Antarctica Expedition over a journey of 57 days and 1,125km to reach the Geographic South Pole. They arrived just in time to celebrate the millenium.


Khoo Swee Chiow's Welcome word of his website
Dear friends, I hope you will find my website interesting reading and helpful to you.

Life has taken me on some amazing journeys. I would like to share some of these magical moments with you in these pages.
Every time I embark on an adventure, I have to learn some new skills in order to tackle the challenges ahead. But I am also re-learning and re-applying some principles again and again - faith, friendship, courage, determination, love and hope. It is heart-warming to know there are timeless and priceless values in this ever changing and chaotic world.
People often ask me "Why and how do you keep going in times of hardship?" I have two answers. Firstly, I only live once. So, I only get one chance. Secondly, when I grow old, I want to leave this life without too many regrets. I would like to be able to say to myself: "I have tried my best."

But if you want to go on a journey that's filled with uncertainties, excitement and surprises, you can't bring along too much luggage. It's important to travel light.
Having had some close calls, without the Creator's protection, I probably wouldn't be here today. That's why I name my son Sheng Feng, meaning, the Holy Mountain. Above all, I hope he will grow up to know his Creator.

After reading these pages, my wish is that you will be inspired to set out to pursue your dreams. Hopefully, someday, you will share with me some of your stories.
Remember, when you decide to try something seemingly impossible, miracles begin.

Swee Chiow