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Konyukhov Fedor
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Fedor Philippovich Konyukhov was born on December 12, 1951, on the coast of the Sea of Azov (part of the Black Sea). His father is a descendant of fishermen whose family came from Arkhangelsk Province and his mother is a native of Bessarabia.

Fedor graduated from Odessa Navigation College and Leningrad Arctic College. He studied in the Theological Seminary and in the Arts College in Bobruisk (Byelorussia).
Since his childhood, Fedor Konyukhov has been striving for traveling and discovering the entire diversity of the world. He accomplished his first expedition at the age of fifteen having crossed the Sea of Azov on a fishing rowing boat.
By the age of fifty he has made more than forty unique trips and climbs expressing his vision of the world in paintings and books.
In 1983, Fedor Konyukhov was admitted to the Union of Artists of the USSR (he was the youngest at that moment). Since 1996, a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, Graphic Arts section; since 2001, a member of the Sculpture section in the Moscow Union of Artists.

The laureate of the Gold Medal of the Russian Arts Academy, Honorary Academician of the Russian Arts Academy, author of more than 3,000 paintings. He participated in a number of Russian and international exhibitions.
A member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation. A member of the Union of Writers of the Russian Federation. Author of nine books.

Yacht Captain. He made four circumnavigations and crossed the Atlantics fourteen times, including one time on a rowing boat. Honored Master of Sports. Fedor was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples of the USSR and the UNEP Prize "GLOBAL 500" for his contribution to the environmental protection. He is the holder of the UNESCO Prize “For Fair Play”.

First and so far the only person in the world to have reached the five extreme Poles of the planet:

North Geographical Pole (3 times)
South Geographical Pole
Pole of considerable inaccessibility in the Arctic Ocean
Mt. Everest (Alpinists pole)
Cape Horn (Yachtsmen pole)


- His name was entered into the encyclopedia “Chronicle of Mankind”. Fedor is a member of the Russian Geographic Society.
- Honored resident of the town of Nakhodka (Primorskiy Territory, Russia), town of Terni (Italy) and village of Bergin (Kalmykia, Russia).
- Since 1998, he has been the Head of the Laboratory for Remote Training under Extreme Conditions in the Modern Humanitarian Academy, Moscow.

He is married. His wife’s name is Irina. Son Oscar, daughter Tatiana, Son Nikolay. His grandson is Phillip, granddaughter – Polina, grandson – Ethan, grandson – Arkadiy.

His main expeditions

1977 — Scientific-Research Expedition on the 40 ft yacht along the route of Commodore Vitus Bering; author of memorial desks to V. Bering and his crew placed on the Commodore Islands;
1979 — The second stage of the scientific research expedition on yacht along the route Vladivostok – Island Sakhalin – Kamchatka – the Commodore Islands; ascension to the Klyuchevskiy Volcano;
1980 — Participation in the international regatta for the Cup of the Baltic-80 as a member of the crew of the Far-Eastern Higher Engineering Marine College (Vladivostok);
1981 — Crossing Chukotka on dog-sled, accomplishment of the scientific research expedition “Following Commodore Vitus Bering” and return voyage along the route Petropavlovsk - Kamchatskiy – the Commodore Islands – Ust-Kamchatsk - Vladivostok;
1983 — Ski scientific and sports expedition to the Laptev Sea (Arctic Ocean). The first polar expedition in the group of Dmitriy Shparo;
1984 — Rafting down the Lena River; Participation in the international regatta for the Cup of the Baltic-84 as a member of the crew of the Far-Eastern Higher Engineering Marine College (Vladivostok);
1985 — Expedition through Ussurian Taiga following in the tracks of explorer V.K. Arseniyev and his guide Dersu Uzala;
1986 — Ski expedition under the conditions of polar night to the Pole of Relative Inaccessibility in the Arctic Ocean as a member of the expedition organized by the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda»;
1987 — Ski trip along Baffin Land (Canada) as a member of the Soviet-Canadian expedition (training for the trip to the North Pole).
1988 — Trans-Arctic ski crossing on the route: Russia — North Pole — Canada with an international group (Russians — Canadians).
1989 (Spring) — Participation in the first Russian autonomous (unassisted) expedition «Arctic» to the North Pole.
1989 (Summer-Fall) — First joint Russian-American transcontinental bicycle crossing along the route from East to West: Vladivostok — Moscow — St. Petersburg.
1990 (Spring) — Firth Russian who reached the North Pole by ski, alone. Total — 3 successful trips to the North Pole (two with teams and once solo).
1990 (Fall) — 1991 (Spring) — First in Russian history solo non-stop circumnavigation on the yacht «Karaana» in 224 days along the route Sydney (Australia) — Sydney (Australia).
1992-1994 — Circumnavigation expedition on the 56 ft ketch against the prevailing winds. The second circumnavigation.
1995-1996 — First in the history of Russia solo trek to the South Pole and consequent ascension on the highest point of Antarctica, Winson Massif (5,140 m.)
1997 (Fall) — Participation in the European regattas in the Sardinia Cup, Gotland Race, and Cowes Week as a co-skipper of the Russian Team on the maxi-yacht «Grand Mistral-80».
1998-1999 — Participation in American solo around the world race «Around Alone» (ex BOC Challenge) on the Open 60 (Nandor Fa design) «Modern University for the Humanities», the third personal solo circumnavigation.
2000 (March) — Participation in the longest race in the world on dogsleds (16 dogs), the «Iditarod 2000» along the route Anchorage — Nome (1,800 km.) and won the National Bank of Alaska prize — the «Red Lantern».
2000-2001 — first time in the history of Russian yachting participation in the French solo non-stop circumnavigation sailing race «Vendee Globe 2000» on the yacht Open 60 (Nandor Fa design) — «Modern University for the Humanities».
2002 (Spring) — Camel expedition «Along the Great Silk Path» (Kalmykia, southern part of Russia).
2002 (Fall-Winter) — Solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on the 7 meters rowboat “URALAZ” with the world record (unassisted) of 46 days, 4 hours. Route: Canary Islands (La Gomera) — Barbados. Record registered by Ocean Rowing Society (London).
2003 (March) — Crossing of the Atlantic ocean from E to W (Canary islands — Barbados) on a 100 ft maxi- catamaran “Trading Network Alye Parusa” (ex. ENZA of Sir Peter Blake) with Tony Bullimore (UK). Set a new reference time for maxi multihull of 9 days, that registered by WSSRC.
2003 (April) — Crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from W to E (Jamaica — Lands End (UK) on a 100 ft maxi-catamaran "Trading Network Alye Parusa" (ex ENZA) with Tony Bullimore. Set a new official reference time for 16 days. Registered by WSSRC.
2003 (September) - Co-skipper during Trans-Baltic record sailing on a newest maxi boat “BOLS” from Helsinki (Finland) to St. Petersburg (Russia). A new reference time - 11 hours.
2004 (February) - E to W transatlantic single-handed sailing a maxi boat "Trading Network Alye Parusa" from Canary island (La Gomera) to Barbados (Port St. Charles). The fastest single-handed ocean crossing on a maxi monohull – 14 days, 7 hours. Registered by WSSRC (World Sailing Speed Record Council).
2004-2005 Single-handed round the world sailing on Open 85 ft maxi yacht Trading Network Alye Parusa alongside the route: Falmouth (England) – Hobart (Tasmania) – Falmouth (England) via Cape Horn. The fourth successful single-handed round the world sailing.

Within the program «Seven Summits of the World»
he climbed the highest mounting on each continent

1992 (February) : Elbrus (Europe/Russia) — solo
1992 (May) : Everest (Asia) — (in the team)
1996 (January) : Winson Massif (Antarctica) — solo
1996 (March) : Aconcagua (South America) — solo
1997 (February) : Kilimanjaro (Africa) — solo
1997 (April) : Mt. Kosciusko (Australia) — solo
1997 (May) : Mt. McKinley (North America) — (in the team)

Source : Fedor Konyukhov's own website