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McNair-Landry Eric

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Eric McNair-Landry is studying engineering at Acadia University, considering continuing in architecture. In 2004-5 he took off a year of school to join the family Kites on Ice Expedition and became the first American/Canadian to haul un-resupplied to the South Pole. Eric is passionate about kiting. When there is no wind, he spends his time in teaching himself computer graphics and website design.

Expeditions – Life Experience

Kites On Ice Expedition 2004-5
Eric joined a family journey to the South Pole that was un-supported & un-resupplied, becoming the first Canadian & American to do so and also the youngest after his sister.
Kite Instructor:
Eric spent the summer of 2004 instructing kiting & guiding sea kayaking trips on the Ile de la Madeline, Quebec.
Kids & Kites on Ice, 2003
On a 27 day family expedition, Eric crossed the Greenland Ice Cap, skiing, dog sledding and kiting.
Soper River, 2004
Eric was co-leader on a 6 day Soper River raft trip.
Film Projects:
Worked with film projects including driving dogs for the Kardluk film (about Captain Bartlett’s ill fated expedition).
Visitor Center
Eric has worked 2 years at the Nunavut Visitors Center.Canadian Ski Marathon, has his silver.
Other interests include:
Whitewater canoeing, dirt surfing, wood working, down hill and cross country skiing and 3D grapic animation.

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