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McNair Sarah

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Sarah has a strong zest for life and approaches challenges with a bold determination. After graduating from Sedbergh, she also took a year off to join the south Pole Kites On Ice Expedition. At age 18, she became one of the youngest person in the world to ski to the south pole! She and her Mom (Matty) are the first Canadian Women to ski to the South Pole.

Expeditions – Life Experience

Kites On Ice Expedition 2004-5
Sarah joined a family journey to the South Pole that was un-supported & un-resupplied ski expedition, in 52 days, returning using kites in only 17 days.

Kite Instructor:
Sarah spent the summer of 2004 instructing kiting, kite boarding & guiding sea kayaking trips at the Ile de la Madeline, Quebec.

Kids & Kites on Ice, 2003
On a 27 day family expedition, Sarah crossed the Greenland Ice Cap, by skiing, dog sledding and kiting.

Soper River, 2004
Sarah was co-leader on a 6 day Soper River raft trip.

Canadian Ski Marathon, has his silver.
Sarah is the Assistant Manager of the NorthWinds retail store, responsible for ordering, displays and book keeping.

Other interests include:
Snow boarding, downhill & cross country skiing, rugby, swimming, whitewater kayaking and kite & dirt surfing.
Favorite music group Red Hot Chile Peppers

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