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- 2006 : The North Pole in Winter.
Together with explorer Mike Horn, Borge Ousland has walked from Cape Arktichewski to North Pole during arctic night.

- 2003 : Patagonia Icecap traverse.
Unsupported traverse of the Southern Patagonian Icecap. With Thomas Ulrich. From Tortel to Puerto Natales in Chile . Started 24 th of August. Duration 54 days. Distance 460 km. First unsupported traverse.

- 2003 : Mount Everest
South side. April - May, with Jon Gangdal. Reached the South Summit at 8750 meters

- 2002 : Patagonia Icecap
Reconnaissance expedition to the northern and southern Patagonia icecap in Chile , With Thomas Ulrich. From Puerto Natales to Tortel via Puerto Eden. September-October. Duration 21 days.

- 2001 : Arctic Ocean
Alone across the Arctic Ocean . From Siberia to Canada via the North Pole. Started from Cape Arctichesky in Siberia 03 March. Reached Ward Hunt Island in Canada 23 rd of May. Duration 82 days. Distance 1800. km . First person to ski alone across both poles.

- 1998 : Cho Oyo
Climbed the worlds 6 th highest mountain, Cho Oyo in Tibet . 8201 metres .

- 1998 : Huano Potosi
Climbed Huano Potosi in Bolivia with Marek Kaminski. 6200 meters

- 1996-97 : Antarctica
Alone and unsupported across Antarctica. Started from the Weddel Sea 15 th of November, via the South Pole, to Scott Base in the Ross Sea. Duration 64 days. Distance 2845 km. At the time the longest ski expedition in history in distance covered. First person to ski alone and unsupported across Antarctica .

- 1995 : South Pole
Alone and unsupported to the South Pole. Started from the Weddel sea 8 th of November. Duration 44 days. Distance 1350 km. First person to ski alone to both poles.

- 1994 : North Pole
Alone and unsupported to the North Pole. Starte d from Cape Arctichesky in Siberia 2 nd of March. Duration 52 days. Distance 1000 km. First person to ski alone and unsupported to The North Pole.

- 1993 : Frans Josef Land
Skied through the arcipelago of Frans Josef Land , Russia . With Agnar Berg. Started from Fridjof Nansens winter camp at Jackson Island 1 st of April. Duration 21days. Distance 300 km

- 1990 : North Pole
To the North Pole. With Erling Kagge and Geir Randby. Started from Ward Hunt Island in Canada 8 th of March. Duration 58 days. Distance 800 km. First to ski unsupported to the North Pole.

- 1986 : Greenland
Crossed Greenland unsupported on skies. With Agnar Berg and Jan Morten Ertsaas. From Agmassalik to Umanak. Duration 37 days. Distance 800 km.