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Weber Richard
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Richard is an Arctic skiing legend and Polar guide. He represented Canada for 5 years in cross-country skiing at National level. His knowledge of the High Arctic is second to none and he has taken part in many major international expeditions; including the Steger dog sledge expedition to the North Pole in 1986, (see National Geographic Magazine); the Russian/Canadian team that traversed the Arctic Ocean in 1988 and most famously his unsupported expedition to the North Pole and BACK with Misha Malakhov in 1995 – a feat that has never been repeated. This has been described as “the greatest feat in Polar history”. Richard has led or participated in more than 45 Arctic expeditions and has two books to his credit, Polar Bridge and Polar Attack.
He currently runs Canadian Arctic Holidays that operate Arctic Watch, Canada’s most northerly adventure resort on Somerset Island in the Northwest Passage.He lives in Quebec with his wife Josée, an ex Canadian National cross-country ski team member and they have two kids Tessum and Nansen.
Richards’s grandparents lived in Northumberland, which gave a common bond for Conrad and Richard to join forces. Richard is 46 years old.

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Richard, a mechanical engineer and former Canadian cross country ski champion, has participated in/lead more than 40 Arctic expeditions. In 1986, he was a member of the Steger International Polar Expedition, the first confirmed expedition to reach the Pole with no re-supply. Along with his polar brother, Misha Malakhov, he is the only person in the world to have reached the North Pole on foot four times.

As Canadian leader of the Soviet Canadian Polar Bridge Expedition, he crossed 1800 kilometres of Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada via the North Pole. In 1995, he and Misha Malakhov completed the first journey to the North Pole and back, in the spirit of the early explorers, without being re-supplied by aircraft or aided by support teams. He has been decorated by the Soviet, Russian and Canadian governments for his polar achievements.

Richard's passion is the Arctic. He lectures on his polar journeys and leads others to experience the Arctic. He lives in the Gatineau Park, Quebec with Josée Auclair and their children Tessum and Nansen.

Polar Record...

- 1978 - 2000 : Participated in/lead and organized more than 35 Arctic Expeditions / Operates Arctic Watch; Canada's most northerly wilderness lodge
- 1995 : Weber Malakhov Expedition
- 1993 - 2000 : Weber Malakhov North Pole Dash
- 1992 : Weber Malakhov Expedition
- 1989 : Global Concern Expedition
- 1988 : Soviet - Canadian Polar Bridge Expedition
- 1986 : Steger International Polar Expedition


- 1989 : UNESCO "International Fairplay Award" for participation in the Polar Bridge Expedition
- 1989 : "Order of Friendship of Nations" presented by the Government of the Soviet Union
- 1992 : "Confederation Medal" from Government of Canada, presented by then Speaker of the House of Commons, the Honourable John Fraser P.C., Q.C.
- 1993 :"Russian Medal for Personal Courage" presented by the Government of Russia following a declaration signed by President Yeltsin
- 1994 : "Meritorious Service Medal" presented by the Governor General of Canada
- 1996 : "Meritorious Service Medal" presented by the Governor General of Canada. Richard is the only person to be twice awarded this medal
- 1996
: "Order of Friendship of Nations" presented by the Government of Russia

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Goal Setting & Vision Innovation Teamwork Planning Perseverence Motivation

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