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Bae Rolf

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Websites : / Big Dead Place / Expedition site 1 / Expedition site 2 / Alpinism / ExplorerWeb / / Mount Washington Obervatory / / The Norway Post / Extreme Planet / Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic / / The Antarctic Sun (South Pole newspaper) / Big Dead Place / Alpinism / Summit Journal Explore / Pat Falvey webite /

Rolf is Norway's top adventurer and has completed many Arctic and Antarctic challenges and has held until this year held the record for the longest Antarctic traverse crossing. He is an experienced mountaineer and runs a very successful adventure company in Norway called "Fram" specializing in arctic and Antarctic travel and survival courses.

For the team that is wishing to partake in the South Georgia Rolf and team will assess the final team for South Georgia in a compulsory week long survival course in Norway to be held in June.