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Dupre Lonnie

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Artic Explorer, Writer, Photograher and Educator

1997-2001 : Circumnavigation of Greenland
With Australia's John Hoelscher, Dupre dogsledded and kayaked the perimeter of this island covering 6517 miles in three visits. In being the first to round the island, the men dogsledded 3442 miles and kayaked 3075 miles.

1995 : Banks Island Expedition
Dupre and his wife Kelly, along with four sled dogs using backpacks, hiked the 250-mile length of Banks Island home of 75,000 muskox, in Canada 's High Arctic.

1994 : Lillehammer, Norway to Murmansk, Russia
Dupre and others dogsledded 1000 miles through Scandinavian countries to Russia , taking an environmental message from the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics at Lillehammer , Norway , to Nagano , Japan , site of the next Winter Olympics.

1991-92 : Northwest Passage Expedition
Dupre and Malcolm Vance from Alaska dogsledded 3000 miles from Prudhoe Bay , Alaska , to Churchill , Manitoba Along the Arctic Ocean and along northern Canada . This was the first West to East crossing in winter of the famed Northwest Passage .

1989 : Bering Bridge Expedition
With Paul Schurke of Ely , Minnesota , and a team of Russians and Americans, Dupre dogsledded and skied 1000 miles along the Siberian and Alaskan coasts to promote peace between the Super Powers, USSR and USA .

1985-86 : Brooks Range, Alaska
Dropped off by plane 50 miles south of Bettles , Alaska , to build a primitive log cabin, spend the winter and live off the land. After 3 months they had to abandon the cabin being short on food, snowshoeing 31 miles in 24 hours to a small village.



During an Arctic career spanning 17 years, Lonnie Dupre (44) has traveled over 13,500 miles throughout the high Arctic regions of northeastern Russia, Lapland, Alaska, Canada and Greenland. He has led five major Arctic expeditions and participated in six.

In 1992, Dupre led a 3,059-mile, 185-day trek across the Canadian Arctic, the first west-to-east crossing of the Northwest Passage via dog sled and ski. In 2001, Dupre and Australian teammate John Hoelscher completed the first circumnavigation of Greenland using dog sleds in winter and kayaks in summer. His expeditions have been featured in Reader's Digest, Sports Illustrated, Outside and National Geographic Online.

Dupre was awarded the Soviet Sportsman Medal for Arctic exploration in 1989, was elected Fellow National of the Explorers Club in 1996 and was keynote lecturer to the Fellows of the Royal Geographic Society in London upon completion of the Greenland Expedition. He is the author of "Greenland Expedition-Where Ice is Born," which details the first 3,000 miles of the 6,500-mile circumnavigation of Greenland through journal entries and breathtaking photos.