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Gerber Andrew

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29 year old Andrew Gerber lives in London and works as a management consultant. He was born and brought up in South Africa and moved to England in 1994 to read history at Durham University.

Following his graduation in 1997, he headed for Sydney, Australia where he joined an American consulting firm Bain & Co. In 1999 he moved with Bain to Stockholm Sweden, where he stayed for almost three years before moving back to London.

Whilst living in Sweden he became a proficient cross-country skier.

Andrew left Bain & Co in 2002 to join Tom Avery on the Commonwealth South Pole Centenary Expedition. On 28th December 2002, the team managed to break the South Pole speed record by using state of the art kites to power them across the ice, covering the last 47 miles to the Pole in a marathon final 31 hours.

Following the success of their South Pole expedition, Tom asked George to join him on one of the greatest adventures to date of his career – The Barclays Capital Ultimate North Expedition - travelling to the North Pole with dogs and sledges aiming to solve the greatest polar mystery of all time - did Commander Robert Peary discover the North Pole in 1909 in a record 37 days?

Being raised in South Africa, Andrew spent much of his childhood outdoors, but prior to the South Pole he had little experience of cold weather! In addition to polar exploration, Andrew loves the water and is a keen rower, sailor and fisherman.

Whilst in the Arctic Andrew will miss a good steak, a bottle of red wine, a hot bath and Rowena.