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Larsen Torry

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During Arctic spring season of 2000, norwegian explorer Torry Larsen together with Rune Gjeldnes weres been the first polar explorers to cross the entire arctic ocean unsupported.

Torry was born in Ålesund, Norway. Through out his youth, Torry spent most of his spare time by the sea, and in the mountains. After graduating from college, he was trained in the Royal Norwegian Navy, together with Rune. He participated in the Greenland Umanaq - Isertoq expedition in 1994 and succeded on the G2 Expedition in 1996. After the G2 Expedition he rejoined the Navy, and served as a Navy officer and instructor at the Marinejegerkommandoen educational unit, instructing British SAS soldiers and US Navy SEALs in winter warfare. Torry has completed several military special cources in Norway and abroad.

Source : Extreme Planet