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Leynaud Jean-Gabriel

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Websites : / Explorersweb / Collège Localisation des Satellites (CLS), (pdf format, french) / Eidos (Festivak du film de l'Envrionnement et du Développement Durable), (french)

In 2004, Jean-Gabriel Leynaud together with his friend danish female explorer Bettina Aller is attempting the North POle leaving from cape Arkctichewski. They reached the pole on May 1st.

Two years later, in 2006, same couple goes for the entire crossing of Arctic Ocean Arktichewski - Ward Hunt (Canada). They leave Siberia on March 3rd and get to the pole on May 3rd. But on June 7th, after having been on the ice since 97 days, they are forced to give up. Two much water, terrible conditions of progression, too dangerous.