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Mike Libecki was born near the heart of the Sierras where he grew up hunting, fishing, and camping, thus planting the seed for his way of life today. In the winter you will find him near his home in Alta, Utah, carving turns in fresh powder, on the side of a frozen waterfall, or planning his next expedition. In other seasons he pursues his passion of climbing, adventuring, photography, and writing, on expeditions around the world.

Mike has a passion for grassroots, from-the-heart adventure. He satisfies his appetite for adventure from a widely varied menu, a few examples would be: bike touring solo across Japan (for an extensive rock climbing tour), climbing Denali in a few days, and big-wall/alpine first ascents in the Northern Arctic, North and South America, Asia, and Africa. He recently added to his menu for adrenaline a walk of 700 miles from west to east across the Taklimakan Desert in western China. He has also found himself obsessed with solo expeditions into virgin wilderness areas for weeks at a time. A favorite item on his adrenaline-producing itinerary is doing first ascents in remote areas. In the last several years Libecki has established many first ascents in Baffin Island, Greenland, Madagascar, Venezuela, and China. And Libecki's appetite has only just been whetted. He has plans for several expeditions into more untouched terrain (top-secret virgin areas in Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Greenland, Russia, and Asia), striving for man-powered self-support travel to and from the exotic destinations.
"The Access Fund is kind of like an animal rights group, but for climbers." - Mike Libecki
Mike has raised quite a lot of money, memberships, and awareness for The Access Fund at this point, especially for doing it completely by himself.


I first learned about the Access Fund and what they do when I lived in Yosemite many years ago, when I volunteered to help build trails with an Access Fund project. Since then, I have supported the Access Fund out of pure logic. It is quite simple, if you climb, it is proper etiquette to support and help the Access Fund to grow and bear the fruit of freedom for climbing areas. The Access Fund is one of, if not the most important ally for the climbing community to uphold quality, freedom, communication, and respect for our climbing and wilderness adventure areas.

Source : Access Fund, your climbing future