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Malakhov Mikhail

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Brief Biography

  • 1986 - leading member of the Soviet Polar Night expedition, a 700-kilometre ski journey undertaken during the total darkness of January and February
  • 1988 - doctor on the Polar Bridge Expedition - the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada via the North Pole
  • 1993 - Co-guided the very first North Pole Last Degree with Richard Weber
  • 1995 - Along with Richard Weber, completed the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Canada to the North Pole and back again without re-supplies
  • All North Pole Last Degree Expeditions are co-guided by Misha with Richard.

During his time on the ice, Misha has extensively researched and developed travel equipment and medical techniques to produce unrivalled systems for successful extreme travel. This research was vital to the success of Richard and Misha's 1995 epic expedition.

Misha's results have allowed Stonebee to ensure that the equipment used for all our trips to the North Pole is the very best. His research into the physiological effects of the Arctic conditions upon the human body are also on-going and visitors to the Arctic are offered the opportunity to take part in the latest stage of research.

Misha guides many expeditions every spring in the High Arctic, including the Stonebee North Pole Last Degree. He is also the founder and director of 'Centre Pole', a company specialising in logistics and tourism for Westerners and Western business.

President Yeltsin has awarded Misha the 'Gold Star', the title of "Hero of Russia" for his polar achievements, the highest award in Russia. In total he has been decorated three times by the Russian Government and twice by the Canadian Government. Misha is an Honoured Citizen in his hometown of Ryazan, near Moscow where he lives with his wife Olga and their two sons.

Source : Stonebee