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Mathieson Craig

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Craig Mathieson, 35 years old, grew up in the village of Buchlyvie, central Scotland.  Ever since learning of Scott's and Amundsen's expeditions as a boy, Craig has always dreamt of one day doing his own South Pole expedition.

"Over many years of winter climbing in the Scottish Highlands I have gained a love and respect for the outdoors.  I have always had the self-belief that I can do this expedition, at the same time as fully understanding the realities of such a journey.  I feel very honoured and proud to be given the chance of fulfilling my dream."

Craig's wife and 3 young children will be able to track the team's progress on the website and, if conditions allow, may receive the occasional satellite phone call from Antarctica.

Source : Expedition website


On the 28th December 2004, Craig Mathieson, a 37 year old father of 3, completed his life long dream by skiing across the frozen wastes of Antarctica to reach the South Pole. Hauling his 160lb sledge for over 730 miles, Craig had to endure temperatures of below -60c, hunger and injury to achieve this ultimate feat of endurance.
His expedition has officially been recognised as the first ever Scottish expedition to reach the South Pole by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. His talk will cover his preparation, the expedition and his future plans, inspiring all who get a chance to hear it to achieve their own "South Pole".

Source : Health People Management Association - HPMA