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Mill Dave

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Major Accomplishments

March-May 2002 : Noth Pole Solo 2002 Expedition. Third attempt for Dave Mill of his solo-unassisted to NP. This time he leaves on March 28th, from same place, Ward Hunt. Bad luck, after few days, he has to go back to Ward Hunt - a fault with his food heater. After weeks of an extreme struggle against the elements - a fractured ice-floe, incessant leads of open water, bad weather, Mill decided to get himself picked up from the ice. His pick-up position on 19 May: 85° 42' N / 68° 58' W.

March-May 2001 : Solo Expedition 2001. Dave tries for a second time his solo to NP. Same route, same programme. He leaves Ward Hunt on April 12th. This time, he stays 44 days on the ice and manages to reach the degree 87°10'. But heavy storms make the weather conditions volatile and in a rapidly deteriorating and dangerous environment, he decides to call Kenn Borek at Resolute Bay and asks to be airlifted.

March-May 2000 : Pole2 Summit. Dave leaves Ward Hunt on April 9th to be the first person to reach North Pole from Ward Hunt, solo and unsupported. He is sponsored by The Cancer Research Campaign.
During his attempt, Mill will be aided by a colleague who will be sending him messages by telepathy at certain times determined in advance. The study, which is being conducted under the leadership of Dr Wiseman (researcher into the paranormal) will consist of sending the polar traveller - by telepathy, of course - images selected at random; Dave will then have to note down what goes through his mind at the time and write down his impressions, which he will then send off to his HQ.
After having reached the degree 85°
, he decides to abandon - he happened to be short in food, fuel and batteries. He is picked up on May 12th.