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Naar Ronald
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In 1985 Ronald Naar obtained a Master's degree in the Foundations of Mathematics at the University of Utrecht, specializing in Intuitive Logic. Since 1982 he has been an independent author-photographer in The Hague.

Ronald Naar produces texts on mountain-climbing, skiing and other 'adventurous' trips and expeditions. He wrote and did the photography for no less than nine books. In addition he also made photoreports for numerous illustrated magazines, as KLM's in-flight magazine Holland Herald. Via Benelux Press photostock agency his photographs are sold all over the world.

In addition to mountaineering Ronald Naar has also specialized in other 'adventurous' disciplines. Thus he took part in rafting expeditions in Central and South America and travelled along the west coast of Greenland with dog-sleds. In New Guinea he trekked through the tropical rain forest and on Greenland he crossed the ice cap, skiing and parasailing.

He also organizes expeditions, both to remote territories such as the 'forbidden' Assam Himalayas in northeast India, and to peaks that are difficult to climb such as K2 in the far north of Pakistan. At the moment Ronald Naar is preparing the TNT Post Groep Trans-Antarctica Expedition, which is to take place in the winter of 1998-1999.

Some nine years now, in addition to his work as a photojournalist, Naar's presentations on 'expedition management' have been one of the main activities of his company Adventure Communication. He is regularly invited as a speaker by companies at home and abroad to tell them about his projects at 'unique and solitary levels'. Subjects include the importance of open communication, the changes innovation can give, team building and leadership.

Another activity is his giving guest lectures at Nijenrode University and The Rotterdam Erasmus University.

Because of his merits for Dutch mountaineering Ronald Naar was awarded a royal distinction; he is a Companion in the Order of the Dutch Lion.