Nyquist Petter
Contact : petter@extreme-expeditions.no
Website : http://www.extreme-expeditions.no/


Living in Norway, winter travel and skiing are second nature to Petter Nyquist. In recent years Petter began a rapidly burgeoning career in the world of expeditions that he combines with his work as a photographer and Mac designer. In 2000 he got a taste of the Arctic Ocean when he participated in a last degree expedition to the North Pole at the age of only 21.

From that moment on he regularly made expeditions to the high north, such as to the Greenland ice cap, and returned to the Arctic Ocean where in 2002, together with Kjetil Holen, he completed the same distance of 450 kilometers that kept Fridjof Nansen from reaching the North Pole. In 2003 he reached the summit of Mt. Elbrus (5643m), and in 2004 he reached the top of Aconcagua (6962m) as part of a scientific study into the effects of altitude on the human body. His fascination for sensitive ecosystems recently took him to the Madidi region in Bolivia where he documented the wildlife and local population with his camera.

Now he is focusing again on the North Pole. "I get goose bumps just thinking about the arctic. I will learn even more about it, and I will work together with very different individuals who have the same kind of fascination. That is very exciting and appealing to me. I am sure this project will turn out to be a lifelong memory."