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Somers Geoff
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Major Accomplishments

Arctic and Antarctic Expeditions.
Geoff Somers is one of the World's most accomplished Polar travellers having achieved several "Firsts" in both the Arctic and the Antarctic.
1. The longest ever Antarctic Traverse. Near 4000 miles (6000 kms)
2. The First South to North trek of the Greenland Ice Cap.
3. Five times guiding to the North Pole
4. Two more Antarctic Traverses
5. Many years working and guiding in Antarctica

Outward Bound.
For seven years Geoff went from team instructor to Deputy director, working in schools throughout the world.

Deserts, Jungle, Sea.
Geoff has additional accomplishments of journeys through the Malaysian Jungles and, crossing the West Australian Deserts. In a small yacht he sailed the N. Atlantic.

Geoff Somers is an accomplished speaker and has given numerous presentations around the world sharing his life experiences.



Geoff Somers is one of the Worlds most accomplished Polar travellers. He has completed several "Firsts" including in 1988 the then longest unsupported Arctic journey, traversing south to the north of the Greenland Ice Cap; and in 1990 the first and only traverse of the entire Antarctic Continent by its greatest axis - a seven month, near 4000 mile (6000 km) journey; guided the first commercial expedition to the North Magnetic Pole and in 1999 the first self supported commercial expedition skiing to the South Pole.

He has undertaken numerous other expeditions, both to the North and South Pole, through Malaysian jungles, and across the deserts of Australia. Instructing in Outward Bound Centres around the world he has worked with youth and adults in challenging outdoor situations and trained other groups to successful completion of their own expeditions. Geoff has given numerous presentations around the world, educational to schools and colleges, motivational and inspirational to businesses and societies sharing his life experiences. He was awarded the MBE for "Services to Polar Exploration and Education" and, the Polar Medal for his work in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Over the course of almost 30 years from 1972-2001, Geoff Somers MBE has explored much of the length and breadth of the globe. His achievements include the near 4000 mile (6000km) traverse across the Antarctic's greatest axis. In 1994 he was awarded the MBE for his services to Education and Antarctic exploration. As well as continuing to help organise and guide expeditions to the North and South Pole, he gives presentations and lectures to schools, colleges and societies. For business meetings and conventions he tailors his talks to the theme required, motivation, leadership, inspiration For a more detailed description of this great explorer's achievements and history, please Contact:

Contact: Geoff Somers 2 Brundholme Mews Station Road
Keswick Cumbria CA12 4NR Telephone: 44 (0) 17687 72327