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Oliver Pom
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Major Accomplishments

March -> June 2002 / M&G Investments North Pole Expedition 2002 : Together with two other briton ladies, Ann Daniels and Caroline Hamilton, Ann starts the trek from Ward Hunt on March 13th. Quite slow progression during the first weeks of the expedition averaging about 2 km per day. Pom Oliver leaves the ice on March 28th as a result of frostbite and wet gangrene. After many dramatic events along the journey (both fell into the ocean and had to swim across open leads), on Saturday June 1st, Ann and Caroline reach the NP.
They are the first female British explorers to have trekked to the geographic North Pole as part of an 'all female' expedition. As members of the 2000 M&G ISA Challenge Expedition to the geographic South Pole, Caroline and Ann are the first female explorers in history to have trekked to both geographic Poles as part of 'all female' expeditions.
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Now aged 50, Pom is an inspiration to those who believe that age is no barrier to new challenges. She is an experienced polar explorer, and prior to her life as a renovator, she was a film producer. She is currently studying for a BA in Comparative Religions and is Co-Chairman of The Square Smile.

Challenging adventures have always been part of Pom's life. As a girl, she attempted to run away from school many times. Then, when she was 18, she left the UK and spent a year hitch-hiking from Cape Town to Sydney where she settled and worked for 12 years. Since then, she has also driven the length of Pakistan's Karakoram Highway in a truck and sailed from Mombasa to Madagascar.

She was also part of the relay team which reached the North Pole in 1997. During the 1997 expedition, Pom's courage and determination enabled her to overcome the constant pain of a shoulder which she dislocated when she fell into the freezing Arctic waters.