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Philips Eric
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Major Accomplishments

As an adventurer, Eric has visited every continent on earth, often leading lightweight and self-supported expeditions to remote areas.  He has skied the world's four largest icecaps and was the first Australian, together with companion Jon Muir, to ski to both the North and South Poles. Eric's experiences include:


Eric Philips is the founder and director of Icetrek Expeditions. His outdoor career spans 25 years during which time he has worked professionally as a wilderness guide, outdoor educator, adventure film presenter, motivational speaker, team facilitator and musician.

Through his experiences Eric has developed alternative and highly effective methods of travel in the polar regions and has embraced the use of specialized plastics in the construction of polar-specific equipment. He has been a professionally-sponsored explorer and product-tester since 1995 for established brands such as, Mountain Hardwear, Grivel, Oakley, Leki, Dagger, Perception, Sony, Suunto and Iridium.

Eric is the author of Icetrek. The Bitter Journey to the South Pole and his expeditions have produced four internationally-screened documentary films , most notably, the Emmy Award-winning Greenland production, Chasing the Midnight Sun . He has worked as a consultant for numerous adventure film projects and host for a major television series.

Eric is a notable raconteur and one of Australia's leading motivational speakers . His stories of adventure and survival are steeped in honest and gritty realism and carry casual messages that underpin the structure and success of any team striving for quality results. He has presented talks and audio-visual shows worldwide and to audiences as diverse as company executives to kindergarten children. Eric is an experienced team development facilitator and has worked with reputable establishments such as Victoria Police and the Australian Defense Force Academy.

Eric is ambassador for the acclaimed children's environmental education program, Ollie's World, and for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.