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Stoup Douglas
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Major Accomplishments :

- February 2005 : PoleTrack Expedition. In order to draw public attention on the climate change, Stoup is member (with Marc Cornelissen and Petter Nyquist) of a dutch expedition attempting the route Arktichewski -> North Pole, unsupported. They depart on March 12th but due to unforseen circumstances and problems occuring between french TO and russian authorities, team is forced to be evacuated on March 31st, 19 days after being dropped on the ice ! (Our Coverage)

- February 2003 : Anvers Island Expedition. Together with american Andrew McLean, Stoup sets foot on Anvers Island to explore this remote island of the de Gerlache Strait near the Antarctic Peninsula. To reach the island they sail with Pelagic, the famous sloop navigated by skipper Skip Novak.

- January 2003 : American Bikes Antarctica. Doug explore the chain Heritage Range, north west of Patriot Hills. He has taken with him a custom-built ice-bike specially designed for the expedition. Originally, he wanted to travel with the bike to SP but could not make it.

- October 2002 : Cho Oyu Summit. Together with Kristoffer Erickson and John Griber, D. Stoup takes spart in an expedition on the Cho Oyu (26 906 ft) with the target of making the first ski descent from a 8000 m peak by an american male skier. Doug hsa to go back home with Griber who has contraceted an Hape (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) at camp 2 ( 23 400 ft).

- November 2001 : Shackleton's Odyssey Revisited. Doug Stoup, Rick Armstrong, Hilaree Nelson O'Neill, John Griber, John Teaford, Tom Day : six american extreme skiers, snowboarders and award-winning filmmakers follow in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton to the remote island of South Georgia.

- January 2001 : Ski to the South Pole. Together with team of four, Damien Giden, Australia, Miles Hilton-Barber, briton blindman and Jon Cook (his sight guide), Stoup departs from the Hercules Inlet to reach SP. They reach SP on January 20th (without the blindman who had to be evacuated after severe frostbites on December 22nd) - our coverage.

- December 1999 : Vinson Peak. Team of six - Doug Coombs (two time winner World Extreme Ski Champion), Dirk Collins (Cinematographer/Extreme skier, produced four feature length ski films "The Continuum," "The Harvest," "Uprising," and "The Realm"), Stephen Koch (World Extreme Snowboarding Champion), Wade McKoy (World Renowned ski/mountaineering photojournalist), Mark Newcomb (Avalanche Forecaster/Extreme Skier), Doug Stoup (Expedition Leader/Expert Rigger, Mountaineer and Extreme Snowboarder) and Mark Sicola (Team Technical Supervisor) make a success of their descent from Vinson Peak featured four members on skis and two on snowboards.

Background :

Although he holds a B.A. in Business and Economics, Doug has been involved in many professions over the years including being an expedition leader, a senior field guide, cinematographer, filmmaker, aerial rigger, snowboard mountaineer, and climber.

Doug's passion for climbing and the outdoors has taken him to over 30 different countries to date. His travels include Europe, North and South America, Australasia, and Russia. In the most recent years he made several expeditions in the antarctic region. In 2000 he reached the Geographic South Pole on skis as the lead guide of a four-man team. He joinsiin 2005 the Pole Track team heading for the North Pole and is bringing with him a wide range of experiences and competencies that are necessary to make this expedition a success.

"Any opportunity to explore the polar region is a worthwhile endeavor. When such an adventure is combined with beneficial research for the planet then I have no choice but to participate." Doug's experience with state-of-the-art internet technology and cinematography will be very helpful in sharing this expedition with the international audience.