Alexander Blyth & Ray Middleton
(See also NorthWinds Expedition)

Monday January 26th
Both men arrived Tuesday January 20th at the South Pole with NorthWinds expedition.
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Monday January 19th
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Wednesday January 14th
Our appetites are extraordinary. After our 7 hour ski today, when I relaxed in our tent I demolished a jar of peanut butter spread on crackers, a large packet of shortbread and an excellent Christmas fruit cake drenched in brandy made by Ray's mother in law (of whom he speaks in reverential tones -and anyone who puts that much alcohol in a cake gets my vote). I was looking for something to fill the remaining nooks and crannies when a summons came to dinner in the mess tent. Rehydrated beef stroganoff and cocoa followed by more shortbread.
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Wednesday Jaunuary 7th
Only one press communiqué has been released since December 30st.
"... Ray, Mattie, Ian, Michael and I reached our supply depot -marked in time-honoured fashion by a red flag atop a tall bamboo pole- on Saturday afternoon, having walked some 380 miles. We camped in the Thiel Mountains on a broad plain, flanked on 3 sides by grand alpine peaks, bisected by vast glacial valleys... ... /
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Friday January 2nd 2004
As this expedition is no longer publishing press communiqués since December 21st, please go to the NorthWinds Expedition page
One knows nevertheless their position : : 84°45' S / 79°50' W. All is OK.
They seem to be about 1,5 degree behind the rest of the NorthWinds clients.

Friday December 19th
I imagine you are well into the Christmas carols and drinks parties now.
Lucky you. Not that I'm complaining. I've spent all day yelling carols at the top of my lungs without a single complaint from the neighbours.
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Monday December 15th 2003
They have passed through 82 degrees south and thus after 2 weeks, have travelled some 150 miles. This may not seem a great achievement but when one considers it is virtually all up hill "they are 3500 feet into a 10,000 foot climb" in an almost continual headwind and across rather tiresome sastrugi "similar to moguls but angular rather than smooth", they are quite pleased with progress.
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