The Great Antarctic Crossing
Sebastian Alvaro, Ramón Larramendi, Francisco Soria


Three Spanish adventurers, Sebastien Alvaro, Ramón Larramendi
and Francisco Soria are attempting the second-longest
crossing of Antarctica (after Jean-Louis Etienne
in 1989-90, east-west).

They will leave from a drop-off point in Queen Maud Land,
the former Belgian King Baudouin base, and arrive
5000 km later
at the French scientific base of Dumont d'Urville.

To achieve this, a new concept in polar travel has been invented:
a large sledge, 5 metres long by 3 metres wide, on to which
the tent will be attached at all times.

This sledge will be pulled by a giant traction sail .
The team hopes to achieve an average of 85 km per day
and complete the trip in around sixty days.